Things Women Do that Men Hate

men and women

Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. ― Albert Einstein

Coexistence is the essence of life, when it bottles downs to relationships, marriage and family, the capacity of man to adjust with a woman is on the broiler. A man always loves to be a chauvinistic person, at the same time a woman can never tolerate it if she’s double-crossed or dominated. Today I’ll try exploring the common problems a man has with his woman, my expedition might not be right or may not be satisfying as this is not my experience, and it’s only my findings.

Therefore, here is what men hate about women:

Before I begin, a man is the most passionate creation and a woman is the most compassionate existence for a man. A woman can move mountains, she can mold situations; when it comes to her man, and she is the most possessive and extra careful about him.

  1. Do not make him jealous

    This is the worst prank you can ever play on a man. He hates it when his girl makes him jealous. Jealousy could be at different levels. Some men hate it if you are going to talk to another man, majority of men hate it if their girl is going to flirt with another guy, and a lot of them hate women who drool over other men.

  2. Do not act in front of a man

    Never pretend before a man, he can sense it all effortlessly. This factor also stands at different levels like some would hate a girl with fake smile, some might hate the walk, and some might hate pouting. So it’s always a precaution to not pretend.

  3. Red Lipstick

    Do not try pouting with red lips in front of a man; it is the most annoying thing you can try. Mainly because a lot of men find red lipstick to be “too much” or “distracting”. Another reason is how it stains their face. Beware, but a few of them like red lipstick.

  4. To be desperate is to equal a disaster

    Men generally hate desperate women. Men love attention but not a overflow of emotions and attention. Men tend to like women who are independent and ask for help when they really need it. Giving your man space is the best thing you can try if you want him to be around often.

  5. Humor

    Having a good sense of humor is integral and one of the essential thing for every relationship from both sides. If there is an imbalance as in one side is funny and the other isn’t , both will suffer greatly and there will raise a lot of mood swings and irritations.

  6. Don’t make him wait

    A man frankly hates waiting. It is cute in the starting but once it gets old, it gets annoying. Make your beautification process a little bit faster. The men prefer things to happen at a faster pace, respect their ideology at times.

  7. Don’t annoy him

    Isn’t is annoying to text or call a person for over a million times? Yes, you might be sensitive about your guy, but his “space” shouldn’t be disturbed. Calling him every second to find out if he is fine, is not a quality that men appreciate. Try to reduce in that.

  8. Don’t keep spying

    Spying is the worst activity a woman can try. Men hate it when a woman constantly is on the spree to spy and check phones. Don’t be the suspicious one. Men hate it if a woman doesn’t trust. Trust is the most expected quality a man looks for.

  9. When she can’t forget her “Ex”

    A man hates it when his woman is always ranting about another man she was previously attached to. Guys hate it when she tries to bring up her ex in every possible conversation. Don’t worry about your ex at the cost of your current.

  10. Complaining and whining

    Men hate tantrum throwers, complainer, whiner or a lady who rants. Men hate interfering in matters that are not related to them. He also hates it when a woman always finds faults with him. He might not be perfect, but he is trying to be, helping him out is not going to be much of a deal.

  11. Women who jump into conclusions

    Women always think they have larger brains and jump into conclusions that are not at all relevant. Also after jumping into conclusions they love to prove themselves right, literally “Always”. A woman’s false assumption makes a man hate her more than his old school friends and grades.

  12. Talk too much

    Talking non-stop is surely not a man-pleasing habit. Many men don’t admit to being put off by mannerism, but they’ll build up a hatred towards you. Men prefer maintaining silence. Don’t bring p your man’s past transgressions over and over again, men hate it.

  13. Loud and noisy females

    Who feel they should compete not only with other females but also with their man. There is no need to compete against a man, you don’t have to prove him anything, for him you just have to be there.

  14. Cling equals slime to men.

    Cling females are annoying and irritating. “If you feel you need a guy in your life go back to daddy” a man would out rightly say it to a woman who’s clingy as glue.

  15. Getting drunk in public

    It is a no-no for men because when a woman gets drunk she acts weird. This act might incite the on lookers. Men hate it when their lady creates a ruckus in a social event.

  16. Being a mouth piece

    It is essential that a woman consults her man before she answers for him men find it aggravating. They hate it when someone else decides for them.

  17. Diet conscious

    Social stigma and the fear of looking fat makes every girl conscious about her eating. Men hate girls who have a lock on their appetite. Men generally don’t like skinny woman.

  18. Being over expensive

    Men don’t like high maintenance woman because they are too difficult to please and need constant attention. This kind of girls drive guys crazy because they can be crazy and unusual.

  19. Stalkers

    Girls are really nosy and good at finding information about other people. Guys find this quality appreciable at the same time creepy, they don’t like being secretly monitored.

  20. Drama Queen

    Men hate it when a girl transform into a Drama Queen. They hate woman who make a big deal out of everything, especially petty stuff.

This post might be information providing but might not true at all points in time. Guys are cool in their own ways and love to tame their girls their way. A woman also is understanding most of the times. What make a relationship perfect is the spark and the understanding. Once both the sides understand each other, they don’t have grudges against each other.

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