Avoiding Common Mistakes of Online Dating Messages Writing


Looking through thousands of failure first messages that ladies receive all over the world, it may be concluded that many authors in the very first message try to convince girls to have sex with them. Honestly, you would never do so in the real life, would you? Can you imagine a situation where you go to the strange woman, tell about your life and interests in a couple of sentences and then proclaim: Hey, I like the way you look like, let’s have sex! That would be awkward, right? Then where do all those messages come from?

Any first message you send to a lady has a single aim – to start a conversation. So when you are writing to a sweet girl at Kovla, make sure that your first message includes any of these points:

1. Too much attention to her body

Let’s face this, every girl likes compliments, however, receiving a message focused on her appearance only is almost offensive. Firstly, it shows that you are not interested in her mental world, forgetting that beauty is only skin-deep. Secondly, that leaves an impression that you have nothing else to say. Of course, ukrainian girls dating on Kovla.com are beautiful, though the loveliness of the Ukrainian soul is worth discussion too!Poor language

2.Poor language

Typos, bad grammar, slang – all that leaves an impression that you are a bad speller or a lazy one, who doesn’t want to bother himself with proper writing.Copy-pasting your profile into the message

3. Copy-pasting your profile into the message

Your profile is well-rounded and informative (we hope), and there is no need to copy information about you into your first message. Of course, you can add a couple of facts about yourself just to highlight that you have touch points. Still, it is not a chance to show off – your aim is to start a conversation, not to make a monologue about your beautiful self.

4. Wrong message length

Avoid too short or too long messages. Too long are boring to read, too short give no room for starting a dialogue.Generic message

5. Generic message

If your message creates an impression that you have sent thousand copies of it to other girls, then it is a complete failure. Better focus your attention to a few profiles and write messages namely for them instead of spreading hundreds of clone letters.

6. Talking about sex in the first message

Again, the first message is a conversation starter, not the close of the deal.

7. No calls to action

Give your interlocutrix a chance to proceed the dialogue. A message without questions or propositions creates the only reaction – ok, I’ve read it, and what am I supposed to do next?


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