How To Pick Up Girls At LARP Events

Dungeon and Dragons freaks unite! The world of Live Action Role Playing, otherwise known as LARP in the geekazoid world, is a growing one. Although originally founded in the late 1970’s, it was only later on that it grew into its own humongous society. I guess that’s how many freaks populate this world of ours. And if you still don’t have a girlfriend, or a life, then this is something for you. Read on and see how to pick up girls at LARP events.

Broaden your horizons.

The world of LARP has become a worldwide phenomenon. Aside from the United States of America, other countries like Germany and the UK have events that last for days at a time. Considering the magnanimous amount of people that play, you’re bound to find somebody to hit on.  When you do find the girl, at least you already know you have something in common to talk about. Or else why in the hell would she even be in a LARP event? And maybe taking your American butt overseas might help your odds a bit. She just might like your accent.

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