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How To Pick Up Girls At LARP Events - Slosh Spot

How To Pick Up Girls At LARP Events

Dungeon and Dragons freaks unite! The world of Live Action Role Playing, otherwise known as LARP in the geekazoid world, is a growing one. Although originally founded in the late 1970’s, it was only later on that it grew into its own humongous society. I guess that’s how many freaks populate this world of ours. And if you still don’t have a girlfriend, or a life, then this is something for you. Read on and see how to pick up girls at LARP events.

Broaden your horizons.

The world of LARP has become a worldwide phenomenon. Aside from the United States of America, other countries like Germany and the UK have events that last for days at a time. Considering the magnanimous amount of people that play, you’re bound to find somebody to hit on.  When you do find the girl, at least you already know you have something in common to talk about. Or else why in the hell would she even be in a LARP event? And maybe taking your American butt overseas might help your odds a bit. She just might like your accent.

Dress the part of a warrior

Pig man

Since this game allows you to play dress up, which is usually only acceptable until about age 10 (except when Halloween comes around), use it to your advantage. Choose one of the cool guys and make your presence known. Put on those leather binds, strap on the huge shield and puff out your non-existent chest, unless you have man boobs going for you then this is unnecessary. Don’t be afraid to show the girl that you have what it takes to save her from those evil orcs.

Be confident, Sauron style

Black elf

One of the LARP rules is that while you’re playing the game, you play your role at all times. I guess this is fairly easy for the most part. Unless, of course, you’re some ugly ass troll or an ogre, and getting into your costume takes a whole production team. But once you’re in it, exude confidence and show the girl who’s boss. Women respond to boldness and tenacity. Just make sure you remember to leave that all behind once you’ve left the game. You wouldn’t want her to think you have absolutely no life outside the game, which is probably the truth. But she doesn’t have to know that.

Enlist a wingman or in this case, a helpful warlock

Warlock wingman

Image Source

It always helps to have someone talk you up, hence the reason why the term “wingman” was invented. If you can be sure that your friend won’t try to steal the fairy goddess you’ve been patiently wooing, by all means, request for his aid. Just make sure that the friend you choose is much less attractive than you, or you just may be the sorry fool singing “Jessie’s girl”.

Allow yourself to be “taken” for the greater good

Who says that being held captive is a bad thing? If your so-called jailer is a hot warrior princess, then this just might be the ball and chains of love you’ve been looking for. Make her think that she not only took you by surprise, but that it was her cunning and stealth that got the job done. And if you play it just right, you may get to do some cunnilingus of your own.

Don’t be a creeper

This might be difficult since you’ve probably been doing this since your hyped-up, hormone-filled pubescent days. Surely the binoculars that can be found by your bedroom window are only used during sports and games, and not to check out your hot neighbor. Although some eye contact is always good, unblinkingly staring at the super sexy elf in the strappy leather bikini won’t get you anywhere but LARP jail. Tone the eagerness down a bit and give her little sneak peeks here and there. She may end up finding your inadvertent shyness more adorable and decide to invite you for a little romp in the shire.

LARP is a vast and entertaining world that’s full of horny nerds and apparently some chicks too. If you find yourself in the middle of the action, whilst trying to get some action, try these pointers out. They just might help you land the girl. And if they don’t, there’s probably a sad little Halfling somewhere willing to rock your imaginary world.

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