How Can You Protect Your Laptop in College?

How Can You Protect Your Laptop in College?

Your laptop is like your life while on campus. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to secure your laptop from common issues like hacking and theft. Here are a few tips that will help you protect your precious laptop while on campus:

Install an Antivirus Software

Malware is a massive security issue for all computers. If your laptop gets infected while browsing online or sharing USB sticks, your sensitive personal data could be at risk. Not to mention that you could also lose valuable information like research data. So, don’t let your laptop be without an antivirus guard. There is free antivirus protection software like AVG that you can download today.

Store Files on a Cloud Drive

It is highly recommended to have your data backed up in case your computer gets infected, stolen, or if you spill coffee on it. The best way to store files is on a secure cloud drive like FatDisco. Backing up your research papers and theses on this cloud will make them easy to access on some devices. You can also conveniently share them. Best of all, FatDisco encrypts your files, so even if your laptop is stolen, no thief will get access to the content.

Get a Laptop Lock

Don’t forget that the physical security of your laptop matters a lot on campus too. You must never leave your laptop unattended. Always keep your laptop in a locked room or a locker for extra safety. When you are in the library or the lab, keep your laptop in sight as well. You can drastically reduce the risk of your laptop getting stolen by getting a laptop lock. It works similar to a bicycle lock and is extremely convenient. For example, if you are in the library for hours and need to browse for a book, you can leave the laptop on a desk when it is locked to it. It is a good way to keep your laptop in the dorm room as well.

Register Your Laptop

Some campuses offer laptop registration services. If your campus does too, don’t hesitate to register your laptop and get a sticker. This largely serves as a deterrent to thieves. The security sticker is difficult to remove, and if the thief tried to resell your laptop, the sticker would be a dead giveaway.

Install Tracking Software

If by any chance, your computer is stolen, you can track it down easily when you have tracking software installed. There are plenty of free programs like LoJack and Prey that you can install for free. Tracking software uses the laptop’s IP address to locate it. These programs also help you remotely delete sensitive data. Tools like LoJack can reinstall itself from the BIOS, so your laptop can be tracked even if the thief completely wipes the hard drive or even replaces it.

Password Protect Your Computer

Most students do not password protect their computers for the convenience. Don’t do this, especially if you take your laptop out in public. For example, if you leave your laptop unattended, even with a lock, a stranger can get access when there is no password barrier. So, don’t forget to use this necessary security tool.

Additionally, you can also ensure your laptop, so you get compensated if it is stolen and not recovered.

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