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Top 10 Best Bachelorette Party Drinking Games [2023] - Slosh Spot

Top 10 Best Bachelorette Party Drinking Games [2023]

A bachelorette party is a wonderful occasion that guarantees enjoyment, giggles, and getting down to partying with your crew! This is one party where there are no rules, despite the stress of wedding planning! with the exception of the ones who make you all laugh and go crazy on your final night together.

 You can watch movies, go out dancing, drink alcohol, and have sleepovers. However, participating in some fantastic bachelorette party activities that will get everyone tipsy is the best thing to do. While some games are made to make the drinks disappear as quickly as possible, others are geared to make people laugh. Such bachelorette drinking games as “Never have I ever drunk if,” “Drunk Jenga,” and other bachelorette bar games are typically considered classy.

 We’ve put together a list of the top 10 popular bachelorette party games so that you and your friends may have the best time! Look at this.

Here are the Top 10 Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

girls celebrating Bachelorette Party Drinking

1. Never have I ever

One of the more illuminating and consistently funny games, this one makes people laugh out loud right away. Find out who can get drunk the quickest by spilling the nasty details! The first drink will be placed in front of each participant. The bride should initiate the game first. She’ll start by saying, “Never have I ever…” and then do something she’s never done before. Anyone who has followed the instructions must partake in a drink or a shot. The next person to go will be the one to the bride’s right. Until everyone has taken one or two turns or is prepared to tap out, the game continues.

The game is far more entertaining and illuminating when there are no restrictions. a popular bachelorette party activity!

2. Drink If

Drink If and Never Have I Ever are very similar. Each player gets to make a statement, such as “Drink if you’ve hooked up with someone who has the same name as the bride’s soon-to-be hubby,” etc., and everyone who has done so will take a sip. This is the only difference. The sole requirement for playing this game is that you tell the truth. Drink If is a popular drinking game because you have complete control over it. You may use the questions to be as polite, naughty, or raunchy as you, please.

3. Pictionary

Another convenient justification to reminisce about the days when we all wrote offensive remarks and drawings on the walls and desks of our schools Prepare a variety of sleazy movie names and love-themed song lyrics. Divide into teams and have one member draw a word or phrase that has been chosen at random while the others try to guess what it is! Stack the deck with a lot of impolite words and deeds, then watch as laughter breaks out.

4. Bottoms Up Game

You can play one more game to get to know each other better. You will, once again, require some alcohol. Actually, a lot of alcohol—at least 10 rounds for each person. Depending on your preferences, it may be beer, wine, shots, or cocktails. Make a list of typical life experience-based drinking game questions. You have complete control over the level of lewdness, from the most innocent of activities to the most private, dark secrets.

 The protocol is simple: the bridesmaid (or maid of honor) will read the questions aloud, and guests will take a drink if they can identify with the issue being discussed. For instance, “Bottoms up if you never had a physical relationship with your first partner,” “Bottoms up if you proposed to your significant other,” and so forth.

5. Name That Drink Game

Both the bride and the groom will have a blast playing this bachelorette party game. This game necessitates some preliminary planning. You must add a lot of alcoholic beverages, such as wines, beers, shots, and others. For non-drinkers, you can even serve mocktails. The concept is fairly straightforward: everyone at the table sits with their eyes closed. They are blindfolded by the presenter while they receive various cocktails. Liquids may be sniffed and modest sips taken by players. Asking them to list each drink’s ingredients will make it more challenging. They must keep drinking until they get it right! 

6. Pin the Kiss

An adult version of the classic children’s game “pin the tail on the donkey” is currently popular at bachelorette parties. Get a huge poster of the bride’s favorite celebrity and some kiss stickers. Each party member must paste her sticker on the poster while wearing a blindfold. Everyone can have fun! As an added bonus, customize some satin sleep masks to be worn as blindfolds and taken home.

7. Lick and Stick

It starts with two players. Make them sit across from one another and instruct them to stick the card to their forehead by licking a side of it that is not printed with numbers. Two players lick one side of a playing card—not the one with numbers—and place it on their foreheads to begin. Although you are unable to see the number on your own head, you can see your rivals. Guessing whether your card is higher or lower is the trick. If you’re right, you win, and nothing else happens. But if you’re wrong, you have to take the equivalent number of shots.

 For instance, if the other player has a 7 and you have a 3 on your forehead, you will need to consume 4 beverages. Instead of vodka shots, you might want to start with some beer shots.

8. Soon to be Wed Game

A variation of the newlywed game that involves the bridesmaids’ preparation and work Make a list of questions to ask people about life, oddities, movies, TV shows, and other topics. Get the groom to respond to the questions in advance, and the bride-to-be must complete the same questionnaire on the party day. The bride is the only one who does not sip from her drink; hence, the answer is correct. If the response is incorrect, only the bride acts.

9. Bachelorette Jenga

A common party game is drunken Jenga. The main concept is that you give the player an order by writing it on a Jenga block’s backside that she cannot see, and when she pulls that block, she is required to carry out that order. If you are the last person to topple the tower, you get to drink everyone else’s unfinished drinks all at once. Add intriguing challenges and dares to the time-tested strategy and skill game.

How well do you know the bride?

Who has been paying attention all these years? Find out. Make a list of inquiries that concern the bride and her life. You might inquire about the bride’s favorite dish, her first boyfriend’s name, or how the bride and groom met, for instance. and see who can provide the most accurate responses. Give the winner a shoutout after you receive the results. The winner may appreciate some chocolates or maybe a bottle of champagne, so consider doing so.

What You Will Require

  1. Bring setup tools for your party decor, such as scissors and tape. Consider lovely banners or balloons, cutouts of the bride’s partner’s face, and adorable photos of the bride and her bridesmaids.
  1. Don’t forget to bring cups and straws to the pre-game party.
  2. Make a minimum of two and a maximum of three mood-based playlists. Then, use a Bluetooth speaker and charger to amp up the music.
  3. You’ll want to record everything, we promise. Bring a phone tripod or a selfie stick to make your life easier while taking group photos.
  4. Get ready with downtime activities like “pin the bride’s face to the kiss” and “how well do you know the bachelorette?” There are countless options for party games (and many are downloadable online for free). Prepare yourself.

Game Rules 

  1. Make a date. A week or two before your big day is ideal. Choose a theme! What will it be, exactly? A treasure hunt? Perhaps a night out at a club! A weekend vacation or dancing on Vegas floors, perhaps? Too many options are available. However, each of these will make sure that your bachelorette party is a memorable evening.
  1. Call a couple of people, look through your WhatsApp contacts, and look at your Facebook friend list. Before you begin this new stage of life, you wouldn’t want to lose even one of your friends. Make sure all of your guests RSVP once you’re finished. The number of visitors should be considered.
  1. Contemplate! To keep your gathering crazy, you’ll also need some party games in addition to alcohol. Some games get better as you drink more beer, including strip poker, Never have I ever, Truth or Dare, Treasure Hunt, Ping-Pong, and Seven Minutes in Heaven. These games won’t just keep you engrossed; they’ll also teach you a few new things about your friends.
  1. Assign tasks to different people. Who is in charge of the snacks, games, playlists, and meals? Take information from each of them.
  1. Present a party favor to each of your friends. Make it a unique experience. Something that serves as a sign of your friendship and offers you both a reason to never forget this day.
  1. Enjoy your last night as a single person and go on a few flirting dates—it never hurts. Make new memories and surpass some of the old.


Our collection of suggested games prioritizes having fun, so we’ve only included those that can be executed and played with ease. If the games you select call for a lot of beverages, go with something lighter like wine or beer. To ensure that everyone remains in good form throughout the night, remember to stay active, to drink water in between rounds, and to keep the appetizers coming. Have fun playing! Whatever game you decide to play at your bachelorette party should make everyone laugh and have a good time! We hope you enjoyed and bookmarked our selection of games. Don’t forget to have a ton of fun while participating in the games and creating lifelong memories.

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