Alcoholic Diaries! – Top App Store Apps for the Alcoholic in You

How we wait for the weekends to start our binge drinking voyage! After all, we need something to balance out the hard work and tiring efforts of the weekdays, don’t we? Here are the Top App Store Apps from Play Store that will make the weekends easier for the Alcoholic in You.


1. Happy Hours

We tend to love exploring new places and unlike sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother where the characters have found their favourite hangout, we are still unwilling to settle when it comes to the options we have. Instead of asking your friends and relying on word of mouth, Happy Hours is an app that will allow you to shortlist the places on the basis of your dining and drinking preferences.

2. Drink Tracker

Why take the trouble of bringing a sober friend to hang out with you every time you decide to go drinking? Drink Tracker is your substitute for the trustworthy, reliable friend and what is more- it is always available right there on your phone! It monitors the number of drinks you are having and makes you conscious to save you from the hideous hangovers on Monday mornings or those mysterious blackouts that ruin your nights. It allows you to customize your profile in a manner that ensures that you will be warned when your drinking is getting out of control. In case you refuse to listen, it gives you convincing statistics as to why you should stop. What more could you ask for?

3. Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide

Not all drinkers are beer enthusiasts. Some are even wine lovers. And for you wine enthusiasts out there, Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide is the most appropriate app! In fact, it gives you a rating of all kinds of alcoholic drinks! You also have the option of earning exclusive and exciting discounts on wine and other alcoholic beverages and can also put up your own ratings and reviews. So do not rely on trial and tasting alone because this app has already done that for you.

4. 8500+ Drink Recipes Free

If you prefer drinking in the comfort of your home as opposed to the noisy public places and with different unknown strangers, then this is the application meant for you. As the name suggests, it allows you to access over eight thousand and five hundred recipes of cocktails that are popular with the public and you can do this absolutely for free! Even if you want to merely know the ingredients and contents of a famous drink that someone has recommended before you try it out, this is the perfect application for you. Now you can make a perfect martini too!

5. 101 Drinking Games

Drinking and sitting around hardly accounts for a happening and desirable social life once it becomes yet another weekend routine filled with monotony. This is why 101 Drinking Games is an app that is important for you. It gives you the perfect combination of entertainment and fun that you desire. It suggests cocktails that will give you an unparalleled high and at the same time, games that can be played comfortably with your friends or colleagues. In case, of those games that require cards or dice, you do not have to worry because they provide the accessories online! This is indeed the most reliable app for an evening cocktail mixing fun and drinks.

6. AlcoDroid

It primarily tracks alcohol consumption and blood alcohol content by serving as a diary that notes down your drinks. Don’t worry, this is not for your girlfriends or wives to keep a tab on you but for you to keep a check on yourself. It tracks not only what you drink but also how much you spend on drinks. It allows you to know when you become sober and when the blood alcohol content or BAC gets below the legally permitted limit. It shows a daily, weekly or monthly log of your drinks. It also works as good motivation by allowing you to set your drinking goal and in turn, monitor every single sip you drink. Just like most other applications, this too is linked to your Social Media accounts like Facebook and encourages your friends to do the same as well.

So if you are a regular drinker and want to ease out the various complications that are involved in the entire drinking process, go ahead and download these apps. They are sure to organize the alcoholic in you!

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