Top 10 Ukrainian Vodka Brands In the USA To Replace Russian Brands

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused unprecedented uncertainty in the supply chain, the global economy, and customer attitude, which presents logistical and ethical issues for merchants. For merchants and brands, many of whom have benefited from booming sales to Russia, the situation has also generated logistical and moral concerns.

The conflict, which is the biggest in Europe since World War II, has provoked a global backlash against Russia and its ally Belarus, with consequences that include broad economic sanctions, exclusion from most international sporting events, restrictions on air travel, and severance of ties with numerous corporations and brands. 

A Vermont bartender was seen in a video shared on Twitter pouring Stolichnaya vodka into the drip tray to support the boycott of imported Russian alcoholic beverages started by US citizens, state governors, and other nations.

The bartender is heard saying in the video, “We don’t serve Russian things here. 

Stolichnaya vodka was solely owned and controlled by the Soviet Union until its dissolution. Still, now the Moscow-based, state-owned Russian company Soyuzplodoimport had licensed the branding rights to SPI Group, a private company founded and owned by Yuri Shefler, a Russian-born billionaire who relocated to Luxembourg when Putin took office.

Although boycotts of Russian vodka are unlikely to have a negative economic impact on Russia, sales of Russian-imported alcoholic beverages have been stopped in Utah, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, and West Virginia. In a statement announcing the state’s ban on Russian liquor imports, Utah Governor Spencer Cox said: “Russia’s savage attack on a sovereign nation is an appalling violation of human rights.” “No matter how minor the transaction, Utah stands in solidarity with Ukraine and will not help Russian enterprises.”

However, how effective a US boycott would be is still being determined. According to NPR, less than 1% of the vodka consumed in the US is produced in Russia, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. Russian Standard, Beluga, Hammer & Sickle, Imperia, Mamont, Organika, and ZYR are among the Russian-made products that are being removed from store shelves in the US.

Here is a list of the top 10 Ukrainian vodka brands sold in the US that you can switch to instead of drinking Russian vodka.


Top 10 Ukrainian Vodka Brands Sold in The US

Ukrainian Vodka Brands

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Nemiroff Vodka

The 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards saw Nemiroff vodkas take home six medals, including a gold for its Rested in Barrel. This 150-year-old vodka brand from Ukraine is available on five continents. Nemyriv town, famous for having the largest Podillia distillery open after renovation, began producing Nemiroff in 1872. Since its founding 150 years ago, the Nemiroff Company has operated under the guiding principles of high-quality standards, adherence to traditional recipes, continuous improvement of production, and exploration of new flavors.

This vodka ages in oak barrels at Nemyriv, southwest of Kyiv, as suggested by its name. Nemiroff describes its flavor as having “spiciness, gentle sweetness, the astringency of the oak core, and a deep wooden scent.” Nemiroff vodka also comes in honey pepper, orange, and burning pear. 

Pristine Vodka

Pristine premium vodka brings the purity and untainted wonder of nature within your grasp, straight from the fertile fields of Ukraine, the mountain springs of the high Carpathian peaks, and into your glass. This top-quality vodka is skillfully made in Ukraine. The highest quality wheat produced in organically fortified soil, the purest crystalline waters, and more than 40 years of superior distillation expertise all work together to give you the perfect sip. Pristine stands out for its purity due to its silky texture and reviving flavor. When drinking Pristine, the quality of the craftsmanship is unmistakable: the perfect blend of all-natural, premium ingredients and innovative distillation results in an exceptional vodka, and its cost makes it the best deal on a premium alcoholic beverage. Pristine is an award-winning premium vodka available in the US for people to try. 


Zirkova is crafted in Canada and is co-founded by Katherine and John Vellinga, who partnered with one of the world’s foremost vodka masters, and chief technologist, Ludmilla Petrivna, to make this premium vodka.

The best Ukrainian grain spirits are used to make Zirkova, which is then distilled four times to achieve the perfect harmony of smoothness and character. The vodka master only chooses the center cut or most elite spirits, removing the lighter spirits that give most vodkas their characteristic medicinal aroma and the heavier spirits that burn the tongue. Since the spirits must also be precisely matched to the distinctive qualities of the water with which they will be combined, it is a genuine fusion of art and science.


Mernaya Vodka

Mernaya vodka is refined by utilizing modern production tools using a dry milk purification process that dates back to the 18th century. The vodka mixture is kept in a tank with specially made dry milk for 21 days, and then it undergoes five levels of filtration to produce an exceptional level of purity and softness of flavor. Ingredients: softened water, dry milk, and distilled grain alcohol of the “Luxe” category. The Mernaya brand’s distinctive flavor was made famous by this recipe for filtering vodka with milk and silver. Mernaya vodka has won several Medals at numerous international spirits competitions, demonstrating that it accurately indicates success.


Barley, wheat, and rye, are three of the highest quality grains used to make Dima’s vodka, giving it a fuller, more rounded flavor profile, a bright, sparkling appearance, and unsurpassed velvety smoothness. Since the grains can grow in the optimum conditions thanks to the exceptional climate and black “super soil” of Ukraine, Dima’s has the highest-quality raw materials for their vodka. The brand took home the gold at the World Vodka Awards in 2021 for design and two silvers at the International Wine & Spirit Competition and the International Spirits Challenge in 2020. The flavor was characterized as having “a little peachiness on the nose and notes of almonds, chocolate, and caramel on the palate give way to a rich texture” by World Vodka Awards during the competition.


Khortytsa is only prepared using bread grain, specifically chosen wheat with rye and barley. More than 87 nations import Khortytsa vodka. It produces vodka near Zaporizhia, on the Dnieper River, and adds oatmeal to its vodka for a smooth finish. Khortytsa is described as fragrant with overtones of cherry and cinnamon by Go To Liquor Store.

The Khortytsa distillery’s production procedure ensures a product of the highest quality by utilizing only the most recent technologies. About 278 gold awards and 120 silver medals have been awarded to this premium vodka, attesting to the superior quality of the plant’s output. Also, according to Drinks International, Khortytsa is among the top three-selling vodkas worldwide. 

First Guild Vodka

The first Guild, a super-premium vodka, is created utilizing natural ingredients and pure artesian water from the Lux variety of alcohol. Named after the guilds, which were the Middle Ages’ defense, political, and craft societies that protected the dignity and rights of their members, it represents the selection of honorable and morally upright men. Vodka is purified in eight stages, first on coal columns filled with birch charcoal and then through a platinum filtration unit, which uses pressed coconut charcoal that has been threaded with platinum as a filter. Blend vodka is durable for at least ten days.

First Guild vodka has a mild flavor and a good finish. The brand says it is worthy of those who are clean in soul and mind because of their flawless purity and is designed for people who set high standards for themselves and never settle.


Despite starting out in one of the country’s oldest distilleries, Shevkoff eventually relocated in 2003 to Khortytsa Island on the Dnieper River just north of the Black Sea. 2014 saw the Shevkoff distillery get the Distillery of the Year prize from the New York International Spirits Competition. Shevkoff’s flavor profile was described as having “vivid, off-dry notes of wheat and resin; at midpalate, the taste widens to include bittersweet cocoa and prickly (a plus) cereal spirit. It leaves the tongue with moderately spicy flavors,” according to Drizly, a national liquor delivery service.

Pervak Homemade Rye Vodka

Pervak Homemade Rye Vodka is a traditional Ukrainian drink that is moderate and streams smoothly. We could get a pure crystal taste by using the required double distillation. The twofold distillation in this Pervak is the key to unlocking its ancient formula. The grain spirit, the best drinking water, and the aromatic spirit of rye breadcrumbs are added during the double distillation. The vodka also has a small amount of sugar syrup and the fragrant lime blossom spirit. The result is an exceptionally light flavor and clean vodka scent with faint rye breadcrumb undertones. This vodka has a mellow aroma and an unmistakable, flawless taste because of years of knowledge and tried-and-true production techniques. Serve it with ham that has been crisply cooked in herbs.

Khor Platinum Vodka

Khor Platinum is one of the few vodkas made from corn that uses cutting-edge silver filtering techniques. After that, it goes through a complex system of birch and alder tree charcoal filters. The Platinum’s clean, balanced, and smooth finish is the result of this incredibly exact procedure. Khor Platinum is ideal for preparing cocktails because all ingredients are in perfect harmony. What makes this vodka so silky and smooth? It comes down to the inherent properties of the components: the structures of water and alcohol. The following first-rate features are used to create the premium Khor Platinum:

100% corn-based Luxe, a multi-distilled corrected alcohol

 Artesian drinking water undergoes four different rounds of filtration


Because global citizens cannot assist Ukrainians whose lives have been eternally affected, they feel helpless and want to do anything in their power to help Ukraine. International customers see this as a chance to express their feelings by refraining from consuming Russian brands. More than 100 bottles of Russian vodka were removed from the shelves in the United States to entice people to purchase Ukrainian brands rather than Russian. We hope this blog helped you find vodka brands that you can enjoy with your friends over the weekends and also help you feel good about helping the Ukrainian citizens in any way you can. 

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