How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk

Waking up from a hangover and wondering how many shots of Vodka to get drunk like this? Yeah, we have all been there at some point of time in our lives maybe more than once. Every time you get drunk on this clear drink you regret it the next morning. But how can vodka get you drunk to such an extent that you have no memory of what you landed up in this situation? 

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Ask anybody, even a person who doesn’t drink and they can guarantee you that anybody can get drunk on vodka. Vodka is a popular party drink for many. Some people even like to drink vodka straight up like a shot. Yes, I am sure you have tried a vodka shot some time in your life. It might not be appetizing at the beginning but after a couple of shots, you want some more, and the next thing you know you are waking up with a hangover. 

Vodka is certainly a potent spirit that can get you drunk in no time. It is a favorite for many people and makes for amazing shots as well to get any party started. We have all the answers for you about vodka shots and questions like how much vodka to get drunk and how many vodka shots to get drunk. 

How Much Vodka Can Get You Drunk

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This is a tough question to answer as it is difficult to say how much exactly it takes to get you drunk but an average person would require around 2 to 4 shots of vodka to feel a tad bit tipsy. But, a little more than that, like around 5 to 9 shots of vodka, will certainly get you drunk.

And according to experts or any person who regularly drinks vodka can tell you that anything more than 10 shots of vodka will get you super drunk. Vodka is a distilled spirit that has basically no flavor and color but it’s extremely potent. It is quite a favourite for many cocktail bases because of this lovely attribute it has. Vodka is one of the strongest alcohols there is. 

The minimum bottling level for Vodka is 35 ABV. ABV stands for alcohol by volume which basically means how much alcohol is there in any spirit. Beer has 3 to 13 percent of ABV which when compared to that of Vodka looks way to less. Wine has an ABV of 11.6 percent and Gin has an ABV of 35 to 55 percent which is more than that of Vodka. 

Vodka affects men and women differently. There are various other factors that determine how vodka shots will affect you. 


Men have a high level of tolerance for alcohol as compared to women. A man who has an average size would require 7 to 9 shots of Vodka before he starts feeling drunk. Anything more than that will make a man too drunk to function properly. To reach the limit of getting too drunk is around 10 to 11 shots of Vodka. 


Women on the other hand have a lower level of alcohol tolerance and an average-sized woman would need around 3 shots of Vodka to feel a little drunk. It will take around 5 to 6 shots to get a woman too drunk to function properly. 

Factors Affecting Vodka Intake in a Person

There are many other factors that are responsible for getting a person a little or too drunk. Here are some factors. 


Your mood is one factor that can affect Vodka intake in a person. People who are in a happy mood tend to drink more and get drunk as opposed to people who are nervous drinkers. 


People who are on the heavier side take more time to get drunk as compared to people who are lighter. So the lighter you weigh you are more likely to get drunk sooner. 


Men have a higher tolerance to alcohol as compared to women. The Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) in women is less, these are the enzymes in the liver and stomach that break down alcohol. 

Side Drinks & Chasers

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. When you eat or drink along with Vodka, it will take the body more time to absorb all of it and you are less likely to get drunk soon. 


The quantity of alcohol you have will also affect how soon you will get drunk. If you have too many shots in a short span of time, you will surely get drunk soon whereas if you have fewer shots in regular intervals you should be fine. 

Are five shots of vodka a lot?

5 shots of Vodka is a lot for anybody to feel a bit tipsy. 

Can vodka get you drunk?

Yes, vodka can get you drunk if you are not cautious of how many shots you have. 


By now you know how many shots of vodka to get drunk but with a little precaution, you can drink vodka and enjoy it too. Keep all the factors in mind before you decide to drink more than a few shots.

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