How Many Shots of Whiskey to Get Drunk

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Have you been coming home having one drink too many? Wondering how you got back home or how you are still breathing after that crazy night out? Or how many shots of whiskey to get drunk? How did I drink so much? How much Jack Daniels to get drunk? All these questions are not new but always come up after a night of drinking. These may bother you till you don’t go out drinking the next time. Whiskey is one such drink that turns casual drinking into a deadly game where you don’t remember anything the next day.

We have all the answers for you regarding whiskey and how many shots of whiskey to get drunk. Whiskey is a great drink for people with a taste but too much of anything is going to end up poorly for anyone. Usually, 120 to 150 ml of whiskey is good enough to get people drunk but not for all. There are various factors that are responsible for getting various people drunk differently.

Let us see what whiskey is and how it affects different people. There are various factors like age, gender, how many whiskey shots to get drunk, and much more to determine how drunk you will get.

What is Whiskey?


Whiskey is a distilled spirit that is dark in color and made from a range of grains that include barley, rye, wheat, and corn. There are various types of whiskeys available, some of the most popular ones are Canadian whiskey, Irish Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. There are various styles to make whiskey but more or less similar to one another.

How Many Shots of Whiskey to Get Drunk?

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There is no definite answer to this but on average, a person will get drunk in four shots of whiskey if the shot glass is equal to 30 or 45 ml of whiskey. If you have a 750 ml whiskey bottle, 120-180 ml is good enough to get you drunk.

Every spirit has its own alcohol by volume level and whiskey tends to have ABV set to 40%. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is another aspect of how you get drunk with a few shots. For some, a few shots will not be enough to get drunk but for others, it might be. BAC essentially means how much alcohol is running in your bloodstream.

There are multiple other factors that determine how many whiskey shots to get drunk, let us find out the other factors.


What Are The Factors That Determine When You Get Drunk

How much whiskey to get drunk may not always give you the right answer to that question as there are multiple factors that add up to get you drunk. Whiskey like Champagne enters our bloodstream faster which means it will make you drunk faster but not just that there are some other factors as well. Read along to find out.


People who are young have a higher tolerance to alcohol as compared to older adults. When you are young your metabolism is faster making your resistance to alcohol higher. This is a factor to consider to determine when you will get drunk.


Women tend to get drunk faster than men with the same amount of alcohol. This is because women have higher BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). Even if a woman and a man have the same weight, their metabolic rate of alcohol can vary and alcohol may affect differently to both. Men have higher water levels as compared to women, this dilutes the alcohol and ultimately delays the effects of alcohol.

All this suggests that women get drunk faster than men.


If you consume more alcohol in an hour, the BAC is likely going to be higher and the effect of alcohol will be more. Go slow if you don’t want to get drunk fast and drink between gaps.


People who are fat or overweight have more room for alcohol to spread out in the body and this will also reduce the Blood Alcohol Levels. This means it will take longer to get drunk if you are fat or overweight.

Regular Drinker or Newbie

Regular drinkers have a higher level of tolerance to alcohol making it difficult for them to get drunk faster. A newbie on the other hand may get drunk faster because they might have a lower tolerance level to alcohol.

Health Condition

Effects of our underlying health conditions have an effect on Blood Alcohol Concentration so it may be the cause of one getting drunk faster than the other.

Food Consumed

Eating before drinking makes absorption of alcohol slower resulting in you getting drunk slower than usual. When you consume food, your stomach becomes full. The small intestine will digest the food first slowing down the flow of alcohol in the intestine. This further goes to the liver where it will be broken down. This will make getting drunk a slower process.

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