Football Bar In Basel

Getting familiar with foreign customs has always been interesting and enjoyable. National cuisines are important parts of such journeys. 2022, when pandemic restrictions aren’t so strict as they used to be, is the best time to rediscover Irish national drinks & dishes. What if we say that it’s all possible within the borders of Switzerland?

Best Irish Football bar in Switzerland

Football bar Auld Dubliner is a place where football fans from all over Basel gather every evening. Auld Dubliner is conveniently situated in the center of the Swiss capital, which is why football fans can easily get there. To watch the matches of their favorite teams, football enthusiasts gather on the 2nd floor of the pub. When important matches take place, the 2nd floor of Auld Dubliner is crowded both with fans and with people who are just willing to spend their free time with fun.

Auld Dubliner provides all the necessary conveniences to watch football. Visitors can even choose which tournaments to watch as there are 27 TV sets in the hall. If you like other sports feel free to watch rugby games, F-1 tournaments, or other events. Auld Dubliner is a pub that welcomes everyone!

More than an average sports pub

Pubs like Auld Dubliner are crowded when important football or rugby matches take place. Nevertheless, Auld Dubliner is something more than an average sports pub. This footbal bar in Basel is an authentic Irish facility that provides a feeling of being in the center of Dublin to every newcomer.

It’s the merit of Mel McNally that Auld Dubliner is truly authentic. Mel McNally was the head designer of the pub’s interior and exterior. This specialist was involved in contrasting over 100 Irish pubs around the world. If you see any facility that combines traditional Irish design with modern features, make research, we bet it was designed by Mel McNally!

Visual features aren’t the only peculiarities that enhance the pub’s authenticity. Irish is everywhere in this place – in the menu, on walls, on speakers, from which you hear the music of the most recognized Irish bands and artists. A combination of all these features enhances authenticity!

Gastronomic adventure!

Auld Dubliner is well-known among residents of Basel as a must-visit place for every gastronomic tourist. In its menu, you will find everything that might be listed to the traditional Irish cuisine – from 14 beer variations and real dark Guinness stout to Irish Stew and Fish & Chips.

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