Is There a Wrong or Right Way to Drink Whisky?

“I like my whiskey like I like my men: on the rocks, ready for death as I devour at their first intent.” – Dominic Riccitello

Whiskey is an elixir loved by one and all. However, there are many inhibitions that surround the mind of those who have recently stepped their foot in the whiskey drinking game. For example, which is the right way to drink whiskey. The magnetic pull that comes with the taste, texture and aroma of an Indian premium whiskey is enough to induce anyone to consume liquid sunshine the perfect way.

There is an abundance of whiskey snobs and boy they are competitive about the most proper and best way to sip the liquor. There sure should be an informed way; however, let us tell you one thing – there is no right or wrong way to drink whiskey. The right way is the way you like to have it. Some like it neat, some with water and some with sparkling soda.

Drink Whiskey

Having said that, few sure shot ways will make any whiskey dinosaur happy to break the rules of drinking it neat or on the rocks.

Splash It with A Little Water

For those who have been adding only one thing to their whiskey – more whiskey –adding water to it may sound like an insult to the elixir. But, as they say – rules are meant to be broken and if the broken rule gives you something good, what’s the harm? A splash of water lends a soft tone to the whiskey and helps in getting the taste of the actual flavor. But wait, there is a right time to add whiskey! Always add water after a sip or two as it lowers the strength of the alcohol and expands the characters while popping up the notes. To keep your glass from over watering, consider using a straw to add a few drops in between sips.

Choose the Right Glass

If you have been drinking whiskey in anything other than a tulip-shaped whiskey nosing glass, you have been drinking it all wrong. Trust us, the shape and size of the glass have a lot to do with your drinking experience. The wide bowl of the glass allows air to reach the elixir and enhance its aroma while the narrower part concentrates it and gives room for your nose to experience it. If you still don’t own the perfect drinking glass, do a favor to your Indian premium whiskey and bring home a set that truly enhances its taste and aroma.

Consider Mixers

Though whiskey should be consumed the way you like it, there are certainly a few mixers like sherry, lemon and bitters that add to the flavor when mixed with care and perfection. They effortlessly complement the whiskey in your glass without covering the notes. So, if you have just bought a bottle of any of the premium Indian whiskies like Rock dove from Hermes Distillery, be sure of giving any of these a try to give the flavor an accentuated taste.

It is always a noble idea to experiment when trying to acquire the taste of whiskey. Trust us, many whisky connoisseurs swear by the idea of adding water or mixers to the drink. Though they also say drinking neat is the perfect choice, there’s no harm in experimenting with a glass of your finest premium whiskey. Play around with water, ice cubes and mixers and drink your whiskey at a slower rate to truly understand the notes and flavor. Happy drinking!

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