10 Best Wine Pairing with Shrimp Scampi

Summer means quick food!! That is, “quick” in the sense of preparedness. And shrimp comes at the top of the “fast prep” list. Most people usually roast them on skewers after marinating them quickly in olive oil and garlic. 

Best Wine Pairing with Shrimp Scampi

A more sophisticated presentation for a sit-down first dish, or even a main meal, is to sauté them and reduce a sauce of chicken stock, white wine, butter, and garlic. Fast, elegant, fragrant, and delicious!! In this blog, we will uncover the best Wine pairing with Shrimp!! 

How To Pair Shrimp Scampi With Wine?

Pairing wine with shrimp scampi is simpler than you think. It’s a dish that can be used in a variety of ways. Scampi or langoustines are traditionally prepared in olive oil, butter, white wine, and garlic sauce. It’s best served alone, with crusty Italian bread to soak up all the rich tastes (swoon).

People have taken this recipe and replaced the langoustines with shrimp, serving it over noodles, gnocchi, rice, or on toasted garlic bread as is customary in their country. 

Tips For Wine Selection For Shrimp Scampi 

Scampi sauce asks for a dry white wine,; here are a few pointers for choosing the best cooking wine:

Don’t use a wine you wouldn’t drink – We’d even go so far as to say don’t use a wine you wouldn’t match with this cuisine. It doesn’t have to be the wine you intended to serve that night, but it should be equally complimentary. 

Match the strength of the shrimp scampi with the wine – A heavy beef stew requires a robust red wine like Cabernet, while a herbaceous shellfish meal requires a light and dazzling white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. 

If you want to avoid sharing, get a bottle of vermouth– Vermouth is just as good for cooking as it is for preparing the ideal cocktail. Depending on the kind, vermouth can taste dry and acidic or sweet and lingering. 

Because vermouth is more potent than wine, it should be used sparingly and kept in the fridge. When it comes to shrimp scampi, a dry vermouth is ideal.

Best Wine To Pair With Shrimp Scampi 

Shrimp scampi comes in various flavors, but the scampi sauce is almost always prepared with garlic, butter, and white wine. Each of these white and rosé wines will mix well with shrimp scampi.

1. Monte Zovo, Soave 2020

Monte Zovo

Scampi is an Italian meal, so why not start with a light and vibrant Garganega to pair with a basic take on scampi? 

Garganega is a dry, high-acid white wine that should be consumed early to bring out the brilliant green fruit and citrus characteristics. Given that classic scampi is served al la carte with a day’s worth of fresh olive oil and garlic, it stands to reason that a young wine would complement a herbaceous meal like scampi. 

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2. Domaine De La Villaudière, Sancerre

Domaine De La Villaudière, Sancerre 

Sancerre has a noticeable acidity that will help lighten up a meal heavy on butter and olive oil. Expect aromas of green apple, pear, and grapefruit and an underlying minerality that pairs well with the shrimp. 

If you sprinkle the risotto with fresh herbs like thyme or oregano, the grassy taste of the Sancerre will be enhanced. 

3. Lagar De Cervera, Albarino 

Lagar De Cervera, Albarino 

Albario is an excellent choice for a high-acid wine with velvety stone fruit and sweet grapefruit flavors. It not only stands up to the acidic elements in shrimp scampi, such as tomatoes, but it also balances off the strength of herbs and spices.

If you want your bruschetta hot, Albario will lessen the use of red pepper flakes while also showing the tomato’s sweetness. 

4. Chardonnay 


Chardonnay is the obvious choice when you only want to pair butter with butter. This oaky Chardonnay has vanilla, toast, pear, and just enough minerality to complement our headline element, the fish. 

This is also a good option if other items on the menu require a full-bodied wine to match with them. Choose a Chablis if you want the minerality and fruit aromas without the toast. 

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5. Arca Nova, Vinho Verde 

Arca Nova, Vinho Verde 

Vinho Verde translates as “green wine,” making it an obvious choice when coupled with a classic form of scampi. Most people like how the vermouth butter adds an acidity and complexity of taste that isn’t found in a typical white wine. 

6. Pinot Noir, Villa Wolf

Pinot Noir, Villa Wolf

Why should white wines have all the fun? After all, a good Rosé can play on both sides of the field. This light and refreshing Rosé boasts juicy red fruit lemon aromas with a hint of umami-esque minerality. 

When cooking with Rosé wine, treat it like dry white wine and utilize it in dishes like shrimp scampi. If in doubt, use half white wine and half Rosé. 

7. Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc

Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc

Fumé Blanc, first introduced by Robert Mondavi in 1968, is a mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon fermented in a proportion of wood for increased depth and complexity.

This wine has flavors of lime blossom, citrus, juicy peach, fresh melon, and a hint of jasmine, as well as a rich structure and a lingering finish. It goes well with other hearty seafood dishes like lemon capellini with caviar, linguine with clam sauce, and/or seafood gratin.

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8. King Estate Pinot Gris 

King Estate Pinot Gris

If you enjoy shrimp and oily fish like salmon and mackerel, you know how difficult it can be to find the proper wine combination. While many enjoy pairing them with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris is a better fit. 

The exquisite viscosity of Pinot Gris more nearly resembles the fish’s wonderful, greasy mouthfeel.

9. Craggy Range Pinot Noir 

Craggy Range Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, by definition, is on the lighter side of the red wine spectrum, and this rendition encompasses all of this sought-after grape’s most outstanding features! This wine pairs well with foods like shrimp scampi, salmon, tuna, marlin, swordfish, mackerel, bluefish, and other fatty, meaty, big-flavored fish. It has flavors of black cherry, strawberry, cola, and earthy tannins.

10. Cune Rioja Crianza, Rioja

Cune Rioja Crianza, Rioja

This delectable mix of 85% Tempranillo, Rioja’s hallmark red grape, and 15% Garnacha Tinto and Mazuelo was matured in American oak barrels, yielding a wine with savory aromas and flavors of tart cherry, plum, chocolate, and clove, complemented by silky, earthy tannins. It goes well with your shrimp scampi and completes your dish!  

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Final Thoughts

There you go, we have listed all the best Wine pairings!! Go ahead and make the best Shrimp Scampi for yourself, and remember to pair it with your favorite wine!! 

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