Panty Dropper Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients, Nutrition & Instructions

There are a lot of drinks that you can trust on weekends, the drink we are about to introduce is extremely niche. There are variations to consume this drink, you can do it like a shooter or you can prepare a punch bowl, it has a pretty pink colour and we promise you that it will be one of the nicest cocktails you will ever have. 


Like every cocktail a panty dropper is called different things all around the world, it is called a skip and gets naked in some parts of the world and in others it’s called DIshwater or even Jungle Juice. It is historically a party drink and if you have ever been to a rager you probably have had a few.

Let’s discuss the ingredients, a panty dropper usually has:

  • Vodka
  • Tequila/Gin/Whiskey/ Rum (Your Desired Spirit)
  • Beer
  • Frozen Pink Lemonade concentrate 

Once you have acquired these ingredients, here’s how to make it. 

For a Panty Dropper Shot-

Every ingredient is 50 ml, start with vodka, lemonade and the spirit of your choice and add the beer in the end. Drink it as quickly as you can.

For a Batch-

Pour everything in the same order but make sure all the ingredients are put in the same quantity, this is a hard drink so please don’t forget to warn your friends. It also comes in handy for a brunch or a sundowner. This drink would work in a highball glass or in a cocktail glass. It is one of the best drinks available for a get together.

Helpful Tips for Making a Panty Dropper Shots

For small pores, use bar spoons. Never make this shot on a whim, use a measure for the ingredients, the drink doesn’t work if you mess up the quantity. Avoid using bitters since they make the shot too potent as they are used to only make cocktails. Use two oz sized shot glasses to pout one shot to avoid spilling.

If you can use cheap beer for this shot by all means do it but just do one cheap alcohol. Other than that focus on the frozen pink lemonade, the better the quality of that, the better your drink.

Variations of Panty Dropper 

All variants use the same pallet and end up looking a pretty pink. Here are the few differences.

  • Pink Panty Jello Shots- This is a basic party drink, it is also one of the tastiest jello shots that will get you really hammered.
  • Skip and Go Nacked- This one is made in a highball glass, it has vodka and lemonade, stir the mix and then add the beer. You can also do a sprite and gin combination instead of vodka.
  • Jungle Juice- This one has a lot of fresh fruit juice instead of the pink lemonade that takes the edge off of the delirious amount of alcohol in this. 
  • Pink Lady- This one has gin, lemon juice, a dash of grenadine and egg white for consistency. This one is a great drink if you like pacing yourself throughout the evening.
  • EL Guapo- this has tequila, pear syrup, ginger beer and this is for those of you who don’t like pacing themselves throughout the evening.

 Panty Dropper Cocktail Recipe – 

This is a step by step recipe of how to make a panty dropper cocktail, are you ready? Strap on.

 Equipment – You will need a  measure, Frozen lemonade (pink) , a spiit of your choice and some beer.

As we discussed the drink can be served in a highball glass or a cocktail glass, so you can make do with whatever. 

Ingredients – What’s in a panty dropper?

In simple terms a lot of alcohol. More specifically-

  • Vodka- 50 ml
  • Tequila/Gin/Whiskey/ Rum (Your Desired Spirit)- 50 ml
  • Beer- To top it off 
  • Frozen Pink Lemonade concentrate- 50 ml

Instructions – How to make a panty dropper?

Take a cocktail glass and start with pouring your lemonade, follow that up with your desired spirit and vodka in the quantity mentioned above. After which you can top the glass up with beer, garnish it with a lemon wedge if you want to and there you go your pretty pink drink is ready.

 Nutrition – 

This is a very light drink if you are the kind of person who is trying to diet, the lemonade gives it a fruity texture and it is one of the only cocktails that have low calorie intake whilst being a knockout drink that will get you high very quickly. 

Final Words 

Hope you are all set for a party this weekend, remember to measure it well and always we beg of you always warn your friends before making this drink for them. It is a light drink but it is not to be underestimated.

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