5 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Live the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Imagine waking up on Monday morning, and instead of dragging yourself out of your bed and dashing to the office, you soak yourself again in your sheets until you are fully satisfied with your sleep. After waking up, you do some Ashtanga yoga and meditation on the beach before settling down and accessing the metatrader 4 for android app in your phone or laptop to start trading.

Working for only the hours you need to through your mt4 for android app in your phone and having a lot of time left to explore other countries and meet up with other traveler friends, is a dream that most digital nomads have. The fantasy of having a daily routine with no commuting, no office hours, traveling around the world, and living for a short time in a new city before moving to another place is above the limit. Well, as fancy as it may look, at some point it’s difficult.

Being a digital nomad has its downsides. It may seem like a dream job to many; however, its disadvantages make its lifestyle a bit challenging. Therefore, before you decide to start a digital nomadic life, take a read of the following five reasons that make digital nomadic lifestyle difficult to live in.

East or west home is best

Regardless of the posh hotel or beach, you are going to be at; no place will match your home. Home is not a physical house; it’s a feeling – and no place can give you that feeling. Moreover, your home gives you a sense of being bonded to a particular community. The digital nomadic lifestyle will not offer you this as you will only be living at a place at a given time that is not enough to provide you with a sense of belonging somewhere.

You will be far from your dear ones

Other jobs will give you an opportunity to go back home after a long day of work. It, therefore, means you will have the time to interact with your loved ones. On the other hand, a digital nomadic lifestyle will not give you an opportunity to be close to your loved ones. The close you can get is through a video call. A digital nomadic lifestyle involves a lot of traveling, and in which you will not be traveling with your loved ones.

It’s tiresome being on the road all the time

Most people desiring to be digital nomads, are usually motivated or moved by their passion for traveling. However, as we all know too much of something can become poisonous. Staying on the road or a flight all the time can become tiring. You may only have one backpack and working from your mt4 for android app, but the hassle of moving to somewhere new after every few months can be mentally and physically draining.

You are likely to lose all your friends

The digital nomadic lifestyle can get too lonely for you to handle. It is pretty hard to connect with someone and be friends within three months. The loneliness gets even unbearable for the digital nomads who travel solo without their co-workers. Getting a new place to live and learning a new language might be easy but getting new friends is outright a challenge in this digital nomadic lifestyle.

Work cannot mix with vacation

Most people think that the digital nomadic lifestyle is full of sunning themselves at the beach with a cocktail on their hands every day. Yes, you can have fun on the weekends or have your days off. One thing that should sink in your mind is that you are there to work.

Despite knowing this, some digital nomads will find themselves having fun instead of working. Accessing your metatrader 4 for android to place a trade when the beach is calling, can be very difficult. Therefore, if you cannot balance fun and work, then the digital nomadic lifestyle will be difficult for you.


Working remotely and enjoying all the freedom and flexibility you need, feels like a dream come true. However, before venturing to this lifestyle, test the waters and take a read on these challenges to gauge if you are ready for a digital nomadic lifestyle.

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