What Does Red Bull Taste Like?


When we talk about sports or energy drinks, Red Bull is the brand that hits our minds. It’s mainstream and one of the most sought-after drinks in our day-to-day lives. But have you ever stopped to describe what Red Bull tastes like?

Your first mention will probably be that it tastes like caffeine and sugar. And while these are two of the integral ingredients, describing the individual taste can be challenging.

With Red Bull introducing so many different flavors, the answer becomes even more complicated. If we had to describe the taste of the original drink, it is a mix of candy, sweet and sour soda, and cough medicine mixed into one. People also get a taste of guarana, leading to a predominant flavor in the drink.

This article will explore all you need to know about the taste of Red Bull (and all the flavors).


So, What Does Original/Classic Red Bull Taste Like?

Red Bull has a very strong and familiar taste to a fizzy pop but with flavor notes of sweet and sour soda, licorice, and medicine all mixed into one. Two prominent flavor notes that come up fairly well in the drink are tangy and citrus, but they are undertones.

Many people say that Red Bull is an acquired taste, and we must agree. However, the drink isn’t straight-up soda with sugar and caffeine. Instead, it has a variety of unique flavors in it, including guarana.

The flavors are very strong, and they gradually grow on you. So, if you take the first sip and don’t enjoy it, be assured that you aren’t the only person. The more you drink it, the more accustomed you become to the taste of it.

But, the above taste breakdown is of the original or standard flavor. Since only a few people are fond of the classic flavor, Red Bull has now come out with various other flavors. Some of them are fruity, and some of them have citrusy notes in them.

More on that in the next sections of the article. So, scroll further.

What are the Other Red Bull Flavors?

Red Bull currently has five other flavors besides the original one. And, to be fair, the flavored ones have a slight upper hand in taste.

To make your life and choices easier, we will do a quick rundown of all the flavors and which one you can try out.

1. Tropical Fruits

The name of this Red Bull flavor tastes as it sounds. The drink has a yellow color and a sweet and citrus flavor. The mango flavor shines through in the energy drink. If you aren’t a fan of mango, you might not enjoy this one as much.

The drink has a good mix of sugar and sucralose, so you aren’t necessarily missing out on the calories. The aftertaste of this drink is quite strong and pungent with a citrusy note, which many will enjoy.

2. Blueberry

Now, this particular flavor is a hit or miss. If you like blueberry and blueberry-flavored drinks, you will love this one. But, the biggest downside to this flavor is the lack of authenticity.

If you expect to take a sip of this drink and feel like you are biting into a blueberry, you are heavily mistaken. That’s not the case at all. Instead, the drink tastes very artificial in the blueberry flavor.

3. Peach

Peach-flavored drinks are a universal favorite, and Red Bull is no exception. The flavor was introduced in 2019 and has since been a staple in the stores. In addition, it is one of their bestselling fruit-flavored variants.

The flavor isn’t very dominant or overwhelming, making it a public favorite. The sugar content is quite light, and the taste mimics peach candy. But don’t expect an original peach flavor because that’s next to impossible to mimic in an energy drink.

4. Kiwi Apple

Quite an older flavor, the Kiwi Apple has been around since 2016. Despite being marketed as a combination of two fruit, the drink majorly tastes of Apple.

But this Red Bull flavor is high in sugar content, so be prepared to be hit with a syrupy taste with the first sip. But, overall, the taste and flavor of this drink are quite pleasant if you don’t like the taste of the original Red Bull.

5. Tangerine

Also known as the Orange Edition of Red Bull, the Tangerine flavor is quite a pleasant one to look into. As the name suggests, Tangerine has a strong (but not overwhelming) orangey flavor.

The citrusy undertone in the flavor is quite refreshing to drink on a hot day. Also, this is a great alternative to the strong “medicine” flavor that many don’t like in the original Red Bull.

Do Red Bulls Taste Good?

This is an extremely subjective question. Whether or not Red Bulls taste good depends on how you like them.

If you enjoy energy drinks but don’t want traditional fruity flavors or taste, you might like the unique flavor profile of the original Red Bull.

However, the great thing about Red Bull is its diversity. Even if you don’t like the original flavor, there are five other flavors to choose from. So you will likely like at least one, if not more.


Why do People Like Red Bull?

Red Bull is an energy drink, meaning it’s a source of instant energy and pick-me-up when you aren’t feeling your best.

The caffeine and sugar content considerably decent in the drink, which adds to the “addictive” nature.

Furthermore, it’s available in multiple flavorer, making it much more marketable to consumers who don’t enjoy the original flavor.

Who Might not like Red Bull?

Red Bull isn’t everyone’s first choice of energy or sports drink, thanks to its unique taste and flavor. However, if you don’t particularly enjoy high-caffeine and high-sugar drinks, you won’t like Red Bull.

Also, if you don’t enjoy the “medicine-like” taste in your energy drink, Red Bull might not be your first choice of beverage.

Even if you don’t like the original Red Bull flavor, we’d recommend you try the flavored ones before dismissing the drink altogether.

Can Red Bull Get You Drunk?

The short answer is No. If you are drinking Red Bull by itself, there’s no way it can get you drunk since it’s a non-alcoholic drink.

However, making a cocktail with Red Bull can make you tipsy or drunk, depending on how much drink you have consumed.


And that’s all you need to know about the taste of Red Bull. If you are considering trying one and have been wary all this time, we hope this article gives you all the insights. Just ensure that you try out different flavors of Red Bull before dismissing them once and for all.

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