What Type of Alcohol Will Work as a Great Inspiration for Your Essay?

Type of alcohol

We could tell you about a scientific study which proves that alcohol boosts your creativity. We could tell you about world-famous writers who couldn`t get one phrase out of the head without a glass of something refreshingly boozy. But we won`t do that. Why?

Firstly, because if you`ve ever been drunk, you already know that any kind of crazy (or let`s just say creative) idea can hit your head. Yes, a bar is the Wonderland where you can find a lost inspiration. The question is what you should order to nail that writing assignment?

Please just don`t use spirits as your usual creativity powerhouse. We both know why. If you`re a non-drinker, then I don`t know why you are reading this article. You must be really desperate right now.

Don`t worry, we won`t push you into that pit of booze and intoxication. It`s the 21st century we live in,and the simplest thing you can do is just to go online and buy an essay. Let the professionals solve this problem for you.

Meanwhile, we`ll go back to discussing the important stuff. Which is your drink choice.


You might think that it`s just my personal suggestion, but nope. The whole serious scientific study was conducted in order to figure out how beer influences your intellectual abilities and creative skills. Two groups of advertisers were asked to come up with the ideas of a campaign for a brand. One group was allowed to drink beer and the other one stayed sober throughout the whole experiment. Turned out, the results of tipsy advertisers were much better.

Neuroscientists explain that beer can actually improve your performance in problem-solving processes. You come up with diverse ideas much faster. It`s all because beer makes you ignore the surrounding world. Little things don`t matter, and your brain has only one important thing to focus on. In your case, that`s an essay.


What can`t wine do? It`s been proven to be a good preventer of heart disease and obesity. It tastes like little sips of heaven and it goes with pretty much any food.

You have white wine for fish and red wine for meat. And enough with the dining etiquette. That`s not why we`re here.

If you`re a true lady who can`t drink beer like a dude from Nebraska, you can ditch that idea and switch to the beloved wine.

And you have so many choices! The most important thing is that it`s approved by scientist. But always remember about moderate consumption. You do remember about that, right?

So, wine makes you more relaxed, and a few glasses will make you more easy-going and even open-minded. Your daily problems won`t bother you anymore, so you`ll feel less stressed out. Therefore, you`ll be able to write a well-thought-out essay.


No, simply no. I don`t want to hear that you want to mix it with something, I don`t want to know any of your excuses. Neurobiologists say no, doctors say no, we say “don`t you dare”. It`s not like we`re trying to impose our opinion on you, it`s your life, do whatever makes you happy.

But when it comes to writing an essay, vodka is one of the worst possible choices. Mainly because it messes with your brain and overall cognitive function on a grand scale, and it will be hard for you to put thoughts back together.


I have a feeling that we`re judges at the X Factor and we`re saying triple “no” to this option. Yep, unfortunately, your favorite Cosmopolitan or Long Island Iced Tea won`t do you a favor if you decide to drink one of those the night before submission.

By the way, I didn`t realize that there are so many cocktails` names connected to New York. There are also Manhattan, Brooklyn, and many others.

You must be wondering why there is a ban on those tasteful sweet drinks. That`s it, that`s the reason. They are sweet. Sugar mixed with alcohol makes you drunk in no time. You need to be slightly tipsy in order to feel the flow of inspiration and saddle that creativity wave.

Cocktails will turn off your consciousness and make you sing Rihanna`s songs till the morning. Unless you need to write an essay about Rihanna, that`s not a good idea.

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