How to Make Beer Taste Better?

Beer can be the most versatile drink in the world, be it a Sunday afternoon brunch or a late-night hang out at the bar. Beer is the most available choice of alcoholic beverage that one has to get used to if one does not live under the rock… one might find beer underneath that too. Yet the people who have taste buds that cannot stand beer. A large number of people do not consume beer because of how it tastes and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea or glass of pint but we do have some effective ways to make beer taste much better than you’re used to. 

10 Effective Ways to Make Beer Taste Better

These are the tried and tested methods to make beer taste delicious in some cases perhaps too delicious. We bring you 10 ways to be friends with the bitterness of the beer. 

1. Mix Beer with Citrus

The most common and well-tested way to make beer taste better is to add a bit of citrus. Keep in mind that adding a bit of lemon only works with light beers like Budweiser light or Corona, adding citrus to dark beers will make it taste way sourer than it was. Adding a bit of citrus to light beer is like adding a bit of sunshine on a rainy day, making it a great summer-monsoon drink.

2. Mix Beer with Salt

This is a bit unheard of but not uncommon, salt is the most familiar taste enhancer it reduces the existing bitterness in beer making it less bitter and in some cases even enhancing the existing doormat flavor of the beer. Even though it’s a bit unconventional it happens to be the oldest trick in the book, adding salt and lime to your beer is a well-known Latin tradition. 

3. Mixing Beer with Soda

Adding light-colored sodas such as Mountain dew, Sprite, Ginger Ale can flavor your beer in a way that you can’t imagine. This type of drink is more commonly known as a Shandy. Soda balances out the bitterness of Beer making it a very charming and colorful drink.

4. Mix Beer with Apple Juice 

This is the perfect autumn drink, for this, you can either take a 1:1 ratio of apple juice and beer or fill half a glass with apple juice and the rest with your choice of beer. (Best Options for this are Bud light lime or Corona) It elevates the taste of beer and makes it look like you’re drinking from a tall pint of autumn leaves. 

5. Campari and Beer

Campari is an Italian alcoholic Liqueur that has a base of herbs and fruit, just a shot of this mixed with beer and a little bit of ice makes the beer taste like a refreshing fruity drink that will also get you very drunk. 

6. Add Some Margarita Mix

Margaritas is the most consumed beverage for day drinkers, it’s the go-to for sundowners adding a bit of margarita mix in your beer can make a difference in the taste. I know what you’re thinking, Isn’t the base of margarita a bit bitter too? The base being tequila is balanced with sweet lemon juice, water, and ice, adding beer to it gives the composition fizz and flavor. It’s like drinking a bubbly margarita which is also very easy to prepare.

7. Add Some Frozen Berries

This is the healthiest way to make the beer taste good, frozen berries have no sugar, no additives, just cold air, fiber, and flavor. The frozen berries help release the flavors by breaking down cell walls making it a fruitier brew that enhances the taste whilst being the most fun source of fiber. 

8. Mix with Bitters

This is a very common practice in France and Germany, Bear in mind that for light beer only light bitters work, and for dark beers only dark bitter. The ratio of bitters and beer can be as per your taste. For either of the drinks, you can add a bit of ginger ale to sweeten the taste without diluting the composition of the drink.  

9. Mix with Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is the most useful condiment for cooking. It is a thick, viscous liquid consisting primarily of a solution of sugar in water. Just a dash of simple syrup in your beer can make it taste so sweet that it’ll make you gulp beer more easily than you’re supposed to. The best way to enjoy this drink is not to put syrup directly into the beer but to warm the beer and the simple syrup together in a saucepan. Don’t want to use simple syrup, don’t worry you can also use maple syrup as a substitute and get just drunk. 

10. Add Creamer

Adding a bit of fresh creamer cream lightens up the heavily bitter flavor of the beer, however, this is recommended only for dark beers, and if you must put some cream in your light beer make sure it Bailey’s Irish cream, fair warning though Bailey’s is going make your drink more alcoholic than it already is.

Health Benefits of Beer

Not only does beer mix well with everything to suit your taste and lifestyle it also has several benefits. The soluble fiber in Beer is known to have benefits like lowers your bad cholesterol. Beer drinkers reportedly have low rates of cardiovascular diseases. Due to its higher levels of protein and vitamin C Beer is more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks. Drinking beer also reduces your risk of kidney stones. 


Healthy, tasty, and even tastier when mixed with the right ingredients, a pint of beer has it all. Next time you’re feeling left out in a soiree of friends where they are only serving beer, remember these few tricks to make beer work for you.


Why does beer taste so bad?

In simple terms Beer is an acquired taste, i.e due to its low concentration of ethanol the taste of beer triggers three out of 25 taste receptors for bitterness hence signaling the brain to keep the pint down if we don’t like it in the first place but if we give it time and patience the same receptors grow quite fond of this bitterness. That’s why most college kids don’t like beer till they play beer pong. The more you drink, the less bitter it becomes. It may also depend on the kind of beer you’re consuming, it’s all about finding the right beer or the right mixer for your beer.

Can I get drunk off one beer?

Yes, if you don’t drink regularly and you consume a standardized pint of beer quickly then you can get drunk. However, developing tolerance towards alcohol may change that. 

What is the best beer for beginners?

Blue moon, corona light are great, to begin with. These are smooth and easy to drink. Bud light lime is also an excellent choice if you’re looking to acquire a taste for beers.

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