Ten Cool (and Free) Bar Magic Tricks

If you’re raring to see magic tricks, then you go visit a circus. If you go to a bar, you don’t expect to see these things. People are there to drink and smoke – that’s about it. But if you frequent a bar often enough, you’ll find out how quickly things become monotonous. Not only do you encounter the same group of people, but your cash can quickly run out. You’ve been paying for those beers often enough. If you don’t do anything about it, you may not have the money to pay for next week’s ration.

This is where bar tricks come in handy. Hey, if you don’t have enough money to pay for your vices, then might as well make fun of another person’s stupidity. You’re far from being a genius too, but what sets you apart from the rest is that you did your research beforehand. No one can escape your eye right now. You’re now the up and coming street magician. If you have an accomplice, you might just give Siegfried and Roy a run for their money. The school you learned from is shrouded in mystery and… beer goggles. Just don’t tell them about the latter.

Know these bar magic tricks by heart and stump people along the way. Make bets and win every one of them. Who knows? You might just win over a pretty lady’s attention. She’s been sitting at the bar, hoping to meet someone interesting. Along you come and you’ve impressed her with your money laundering skills.

1. The Ash-less Cigarette

The Ash-less Cigarette

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Have you over been one of those people who flinch when you see cigarette ash that’s too long and about to fall off? Make people cringe with this trick. Little do they know that the paperclip inside will hold the ash in place. Wave your hands about while talking to them or challenge one dude to see whose ash falls off first. You’ll win every single time. And while you’re trying to make people look like fools, make sure to use a stainless steel clip. Don’t get one that’s covered in plastic or you just might end up inhaling something toxic into your system. You’ll be the fool with the infected set of lungs at the end of the night.

2. Static Electricity

Here’s one for the books and for the world’s biggest idiot. It seems like it’s all smoke and mirrors, but once they find out about the secret, you’re sure to get bitch-slapped. Nope, you’re not Magneto. All you did was play around with geometry. The wind always blows things to the opposite direction. However, this trick can be quite tricky. You certainly can’t talk much while you’re trying to move around the cigarettes. But hey, it’s fun if you find yourself in a room full of gullible folks who are more than desperate to see a trick or two. Throw in a few dollars for your cash prize and you’re good for another round.

3. Napkin Knot

Yes, you can tie a knot without letting the napkin go. Once people realize what a fool they’ve been, you can bet that no one will believe you ever again. This is why you should bet big once and walk away laughing. The next time you decide to pull this trick off once again, make sure it’s with a different group of folks. Everyone will feel like an ass because this is so simple that even a child can pull it off. If you have kids, start them young and show them how to make money. They may end up in detention, but at least they’ve got next week’s allowance covered.

4. Levitating Bottle Caps

How do you make bottle caps appear and disappear without a magnet underneath the table? All you need is a spare. This is the ultimate sleight of hand trick. But if you’ve got quick fingers just like the guy in this video, why waste your time with magic? Be a pickpocket instead. You can easily steal cash and walk away without ever getting caught. Of course, be ready to defend yourself when justice decides to finally knock on your front door.

5. The Unopened Wine Bottle

Choose your victims carefully with this trick. More importantly, choose a brand of wine with a cupped base. When you get to be on the receiving end of your audiences’ ire, tell them that you never specified what kind of drink you’d be having. This is the one time you should bet small because it’s so stupid that you’d be lucky to win $1. Or, exercise your power to do whatever you please if you’re the bartender and scam them of a good amount of money. Calm them down by handing out free beer.

6. Star Toothpicks

The great thing about this trick is that you simply have to rely on the sheer genius of physics to do the work for you. Your job is to simply bet them that you can change the shape of the sticks without touching them. The drop of water will do everything while you sit and watch. It’s a great way to show ladies just how much of a genius you are. But once they spew scientific terms that you barely recognize, then it may be time to walk away.

7. From Saucer to Glass

This is all about what you’ve learned in school. You’ve once complained about not being able to use the many things discussed in the classroom. Well, here’s one opportunity presenting itself to you right now. The secret here is to look for people who just can’t seem to put two and two together. Fire looks for oxygen, which is exactly what you’ll find in H2O. You don’t even need to distract them with grand words or gestures. You’ve got science working at your side. This is a trick that isn’t designed to fail. So, you can bet big bucks and go home feeling slightly richer.

8. Bent Cigarette

Don’t worry, you won’t waste your cigarette sticks with this trick. The dollar bill provides ample protection for your smokes. And this is a good way to tell people that you can do just about anything as long as you have the right tools by your side. Other magicians may use heavy equipment to keep their careers running. You’re the cheap-ass street magician who simply relies on the commonest tools. Just reward yourself with that stick at the very end. After all, you can’t also expect to earn big bucks from this.

9. Smoking Fingers

You’re so hooked on smoking that your fingers have started producing smoke. If this isn’t a cool trick, it’ll certainly be the perfect way to scare your enemies off. You’re a mutant who produces fire if you’re pissed off. If the guy has more brawns that brains, he’ll be running for the hills in no time at all. Just make sure to wash your hands after or you’ll be no different from the nitwit you’ve tricked. The tar is extremely toxic. Don’t allow your skin to absorb the residue just because you forgot to wash.

10. Whisky Switch

They say that blood is thicker than water. Well, apparently, water is heavier than whisky. Makes you wonder just how light whisky really is. You’ve got gravity working for you with this trick. Plus, alcohol evaporates faster than water, which means that water is definitely bound to sink in this hoax. The most difficult thing you need to do here is to not spill the water when you tip the glass. But hey, you shouldn’t worry about it. After all, it’s not rocket science! Think of archery or target shooting when you do this. You simply need two things to be able to do it: steady hands and watchful eyes.

Okay, so you’re no Chris Angel or David Blaine. In fact, you’re not even Siegfried, Roy, or the pet tiger that they have. But you’re certainly wiser than the people who have willingly lost the bet against you. That alone should already make you feel better. And while magic is certainly not part of your current career path, the few dollars you earn from these tricks should cover for your weekend drinks. If that’s not good enough for you, then we don’t know what is!

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