Little People, Big Accomplishment: 13 Huge Feats

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They say that it’s not the size of the ship, but the way you rock the boat. Oh, wait! We’re not talking about sex here. We’re talking about people – little people, to be precise. But then again, these small wonders must have had their fair share of swooning ladies. And who can blame those women? These guys may be small in stature, but their personalities are undoubtedly larger than life.

It may be nice to see things from up there, but ask any of the 13 famous folks we have here, and they’ll tell you that being closer to the earth keeps them sturdy and grounded. And if you were to base the person’s height on talent, then these 12 men and 1 woman could very well be the next NBA dream team.

So, here’s the list of our dream team, and we only wish that we could reach the heights they’ve reached. They’ve definitely proven to us all that success is defined by the fight you have in you, and not how small you seem on the outside:.

1. Peter Drinklage

Little People - Peter Drinklage

Height: 4’5

He dated Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and he’s now wooing the large-chested hot babes from Game of Thrones. He’s definitely got blue blood coursing through his veins and while he may be the laughingstock of some of the kings in the series, he’s definitely got more class in his pinky finger than King Geoffrey. And word around ancient town is: he’s amazing between the sheets. If you want a little person who’s broken every type of stereotype, then look no further than this man.

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