Little People, Big Accomplishment: 13 Huge Feats

They say that it’s not the size of the ship, but the way you rock the boat. Oh, wait! We’re not talking about sex here. We’re talking about people – little people, to be precise. But then again, these small wonders must have had their fair share of swooning ladies. And who can blame those women? These guys may be small in stature, but their personalities are undoubtedly larger than life.

It may be nice to see things from up there, but ask any of the 13 famous folks we have here, and they’ll tell you that being closer to the earth keeps them sturdy and grounded. And if you were to base the person’s height on talent, then these 12 men and 1 woman could very well be the next NBA dream team.

So, here’s the list of our dream team, and we only wish that we could reach the heights they’ve reached. They’ve definitely proven to us all that success is defined by the fight you have in you, and not how small you seem on the outside:.

1. Peter Drinklage

Little People - Peter Drinklage

Height: 4’5

He dated Liz Lemon on 30 Rock and he’s now wooing the large-chested hot babes from Game of Thrones. He’s definitely got blue blood coursing through his veins and while he may be the laughingstock of some of the kings in the series, he’s definitely got more class in his pinky finger than King Geoffrey. And word around ancient town is: he’s amazing between the sheets. If you want a little person who’s broken every type of stereotype, then look no further than this man.

2. Deep Roy

Deep Roy

Height: 4’4

The world of the Oompa Loompa has never been the same ever since this man entered the picture. Willy Wonka depended on him for just about anything. Have you ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? He’s the Ooompa Loompa warrior, service man, and, heck, even the psychiatrist. Deep Roy can play just about any role and still manage to look intimidating. Credit can be given to that trademark frown of his. He can stare down Cyclops, that’s for sure.

3. Chewy

Little People - Chewy

Height: Unknown

As you can see, little people aren’t just for the silver screen. Chewy has invaded the boob tube and has made thousands of women laugh at his funny facial expressions and snide side comments. Chelsea Handler did the right thing when she chose him as her perfect sidekick. Plus, seeing him makes the guests open up more and warm up to the audience quicker. All he has to do is sit there and look adorable. And with a name like Chewy, doesn’t he remind you of a stuffed toy you’d never want to throw away?

4. Kenny Baker

Little People - Kenny Baker

Height: 3’8

Every Star Wars fanatic knows who this man is. He’s the one hidden in the R2D2 suit. And while he was devoid of speaking lines all throughout the film’s trilogy, he certainly was one of its major stars. Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker were a solid trio indeed, but there’s no denying that R2D2 and C3PO stole many of the shots. The mechanic duo had their funny moments that made the film even more memorable.

5. Warwick Davis

Little People - Warwick Davis

Height: 3’6

This man’s got an impressive portfolio. He may not have been in blockbuster hits for all of these, but his characters have remained to be the most memorable ones in the bunch. He won over George Lucas’ respect for playing the role of Wicket, that adorable ewok from Return of the Jedi. He even managed to churn his character’s own series after the movie’s big release. Then, he played a more recognizable role. He was the very dwarf who protected the baby from the evil sorcerer in Willow. Willow Ufgood stole the scenes from the then handsome Val Kilmer. These days, he still keeps himself busy with movie roles. But if you were to ask men, they’re jealous of him because he got to be the Leprechaun who scared the bejeezus out of Jennifer Aniston.

6. The Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team

Little People - The Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team

Image Source

Height: 4’9

They may not be your typical ‘little people’ but they’re not that tall. More importantly, you have to give them credit for what they can do on the mat. They’re why the world fears China during the Olympics. They’re all so talented that they’re bound to take home a medal or two for the backflips, handsprings, and somersaults that they can all pull off with ease.

7. Aditya “Romeo” Dev

Little People - Aditya “Romeo” Dev

Height: 2’9

He may be able to fit easily inside one of Shaquille O’Neal’s shoes, but this man can certainly kick anyone’s ass – that includes every player in the NBA. He’s the world’s smallest bodybuilder, but he’s got muscles that every gym rat would envy. So, the next time you start singing a song about short people, make sure this guy’s not around or you could end up with your face planted firmly on the sidewalk with him looming over you.

8. Verne Troyer

Little People - Verne Troyer

Height: 2’8

Dr. Evil loved him and made sure his “Mini Me” never left his side. And who can do Dr. Evil’s sneer better than the doctor himself? His miniscule sidekick, of course.  Austin Powers became a whole lot funnier when they decided to throw this guy into the picture. Probably because he reminded them so much of Yoda whenever he’d fight.

9. He Pingping

Little People - He Pingping

Height: 2’5

He may have not done much. In fact, he has no movies to show for. So, why is he on the list? Take a look at the picture and you’ll see that he’s beside the world’s leggiest woman. And for most men, that’s enough.

10. Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman may no longer be with us, but that doesn’t mean that people have stopped remembering him. He was famous for the line, “Watcha talkin’ about, Willis” in Diff’rent Stokes. Up until now, people still use it when they find themselves baffled by a situation. And after the series ended, Gary may have laid low. But because he was so well loved, a special role was written especially for him in Avenue Q. He brought a ray of sunshine whenever he walked into the room, and that’s because he’s got the big personality to boot as well.

11.  Jyoti Amge

Little People - Jyoti Amge

Height: 1’11

She may be the smallest adult to date, but that hasn’t stopped the world from noticing this girl. She’s as small as your porcelain doll, but she’s definitely no wallflower. In fact, she’s getting her own airtime in a British television show.

12. Jason Acuña aka Wee Man

Little People - Jason Acuña aka Wee Man

Height: 4’7

He’s one of the most recognizable faces on television. He’s part of the Jackass cast, which means that he’s in with the younger generation as well. This unconventional, stunt-loving little sensation is a weirdo who’s actually easy to love and hard to miss.

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