5 Funny Movies to Watch

Funny movies will always be my favorite, the comedy will always be my jam. No matter how many epic drama and action thrillers I watch, I will always go back to this genre. Life is already too serious to only watch serious movies. We all need laughs every now and then. What better way to relax and laugh than watching a comedy.

Comedy movie

Here are some of the movies that have given me laughs and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time watching these. Add these to your watching list and enjoy.

1. Juno

Juno is a comedy going hand in hand with an emotional story. This movie gave rise to an influx of similar movies being made with similar storylines but none help up to this movie. It is about a teenager who gets pregnant by her new boyfriend and decides to give the baby up for adoption. The movie won Oscar and was a hit. Nothing like a good emotional comedy duo.

2. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

This movie came out in 2004. The story revolves around a a couple of stoners. This movie is said to be ahead of its times with the tipping scales of marijuana both being medicinal and otherwise. The adventure of the stoners getting the munchies is filled with hilarious proportions. You will be holding your stomachs by the end.

3. About a Boy

This movie came out in 2002. It is one of those Hugh Grant movies that you can watch a lot of times and not get bored. Hugh Grant plays Will who is a rich and spoilt Londoner in his 30s and is in search of available women. He invents an imaginary son and attends single parent meetings. He ends up meeting Marcus who is an odd 12-year-old boy who has problems at school. Both the characters end up becoming friends and we see the character growth with comedy thrown in.

4. Silver Linings Playbook

This movie came out in 2012. In this movie, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play two lost and emotionally damaged yet attractive (of course!) people who find friendship and kinship. Pat is sent to a mental health facility because he brutally attacks his wife’s lover. He then gets out of the center after eight months and meets Tiffany and the journey is hilarious.

5. Mistress America

Mistress America came out in 2015. A lot later than all the other movies on the list, but I really like this one so had to include it. Tracy Fishko is a naive freshman. She finds her life turning upside down when she starts living her life with her mischievous future stepsister. This is sort of your typical teenage drama that you don’t watch for any seriousness, just for the laughs and the light storyline.

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