12 Fun Ways to Re-use Beer Bottles and Cans

[tps_header]After a party, there are always a ton of empty bottles and cans lying around.  I’m sure your first intuition is to crack the guy lying on your couch upside his skull with a the 40 he stole from you last night.  Since that might end up landing you in jail, we figured it would be a good idea to put together ideas to keep you out of trouble.  The redneck down the street thinks they are good for shooting, while others like to make art or furniture out of them.  It’s time for you to check out our awesome list of ways to utilize your empty 40s and aluminum beer cans.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Make an Awesome Beer Bottle Chandelier[/tps_title]

Beer Bottle Chandelier

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If you are going for the ultra classy look in your pad, a beer chandelier is the way to go.  This awesome light fixture will spice up that bar in your basement, and will be the centerpiece of your beer bottle collection.  Believe me, your future wife will be impressed.  For more class, make sure this is directly above a makeshift beer pong table.  When you get tired of the look, just drink some more and replace the bottles!


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