7 Safe Drinking Tips For Youngsters

As soon as you reach the legal drinking age, going all out can be tempting. We all know that not most of us have stuck to the legal drinking age, but the thought of legally drinking for the first time feels like something else altogether.


See, I understand that it can feel like you have the right to drink, there’s no one stopping you, it’s your birthday, you are of the legal age…  whatever the reason. I understand, which is why here are some tips for drinking safe no matter when you drink, and what you drink for.

  1. Know your limit & plan ahead – If you are drinking for the first time, this can be tricky. Start out slow. DOn’t keep on drinking just because you don’t feel anything yet. It’s easy to just chug down a beer, or do shot after shot just because others are doing that. Stop and think if you can handle it. A good time doesn’t mean puking your guts out.
  2. Eat food before and while you drink – Empty stomach means you will feel the effect of the drinks faster and heavier, it also results in a mean hangover the next day. Eat before you drink, while you drink, and the morning after as well to prevent a headache.
  3. Keep track of the number of drinks you are consuming – Keeping a track helps to keep yourself in check. Don’t get lost in the moment and keep drinking over your limit. This happens when the alcohol is free. The drinks might be free, but the repercussions come with a price, and if you are unlucky then a pretty hefty one.
  4. Appoint a designated driver – If you have driven somewhere, having someone that you have all decided on is going to drive you back is a smart idea. This person isn’t supposed to be drinking. If all of you are going to drink, then it is better to call a cab.
  5. Space your drinks – Instead of intaking drinks one after another, it is a good idea to space them. That way you will give your body some time to absorb what you have already had, and you will know if you can handle it or not. When you drink continuously, you don’t give your body enough time to tell you how it feels.
  6. Sip water in between – Alcohol can dehydrate you, it is important to be hydrated. Sipping on water between drinks not only helps you stay hydrated, but it also helps to space your drinks out.
  7. Do not force people who do not want to drink – Coming in peer pressure and drinking is more common than you would like to think. Most of the people who drink have never paid for their first drink. Most of the first drinks are bought by other people and encouraged by them too. It is important to not force people to drink, not everyone can stand up against peer pressure. If you are someone who tells people to drink up when they don’t want to then you need to think over.

Social drinking can be fun, but when done with responsibility. Be smart and drink smart!

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