Chandelier Drinking Game – How To Play, Rules & More

If you’re having a party with your friends or going for a night out, there’s a decent possibility that someone will bring up a drinking game. Drinking games are an easy and entertaining way to get everyone at your party interested and conversing.

We’re going to talk about another classic drinking game in this article: the chandelier drinking game. If you’re looking for a game that’s a cross between beer pong and flip cup, this is the game for you! 

About Chandelier Drinking Game

Chandelier Drinking Game

The chandelier game is a hybrid of beer pong and flip cup that is ideal for small to medium-sized gatherings. This drinking game is quickly becoming a new favourite. It’s just as popular at parties as Beer Pong or Never Have I Ever. Anyone may join in the Chandelier since it is a very simple game, and you only need to bounce a ping pong ball off the table and into a cup. It gets its name from a red solo cup arrangement that looks like a chandelier. This drinking game is a perfect addition to any pre-drinking party or Beer Olympics. Let’s break down how you can play Chandelier to have a great time at your next party!

Things You Will Need to Play

  • A round table 
  • Ping pong balls
  • Nearly 4 to 10 players
  • Everyone’s favorite beverage 
  • Red-colored cups 

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules 

  • To begin, choose a player.
  • The ping pong ball is bounced off the table and into someone’s cup by a beginner player.
  • If a player skips a turn, the person on their left takes it.
  • If the ball is sunk into an opponent’s cup, the opponent must swallow their drink, refill their cup, and replace it. The following round begins with the individual on the left.
  • If a player dips a cup in the raised center cup, all players must gulp and flip their cups at the same time. The person who is the last to flip their cup must drink the center cup, refill it, and then leave the table (removing their cup).
  • The game goes on until just one participant is left.

Game Setup

  • Fill each player’s cup with an equal quantity of alcohol and place them in a circle in the center of the table. (Remember which player has which cup.)
  • Fill the second cup halfway with beer and place it in the center of the circle, slightly raised. (This may be on a box or a single upside-down cup.)
  • Players should form a circle around the table.

The goal of the Game

The goal of the Chandelier drinking game, like with other drinking games, is to have a good time and maybe get a bit tipsy. The game has a competitive element to it, yet there is no winner or loser.

The Chandelier is a terrific game to play with your friends if you’re seeking for a fun game to play together. Simply gather everyone together and have a drink or two while you play! 

How to Play The Chandelier Drinking Game

The Chandelier Drinking Game: How To Play:

  • Once everything is set up for Chandelier, one player should volunteer themself to go first. They will next attempt to bounce a Ping Pong ball into a cup using a Ping Pong ball. If the ball lands in their cup, they’ll have to drink from it before refilling it.
  • If the ball lands in the middle cup, each player must drink from their own cup. Then they’ll have to turn their cup over. Because the last person to flip their cup will have to drink from the center cup, it’s important to do it fast.
  • You must drink from and then refill another player’s cup if the ball bounces into it. The ball will be sent to the player on your left if it misses a cup. If a player catches the ball before it hits the ground, they will be the next to go.

Tips For Playing Chandelier

  • To make the game easier or harder, try using different-sized circles.
  • Allow gaps in the circle by spacing the cups off from one another.
  • Play with a shot in the red solo cup in the center for extra-high stakes!
  • Play in two-person teams, so if you’re not cautious, you may accidentally bounce a ball into your partner’s cup.


Everyone will have a good time with the Chandelier drinking game! The gameplay is laid-back and uncomplicated, making it great for a group of friends. The Chandelier is a great alternative to Beer Pong if you’re tired of it already.

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