How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus is a great card drinking game that is played with a huge group. Ride the Bus is an awesome game that can be successfully won only with a matter of luck and some logic. Participants try their hardest not to lose time by not becoming the player who “ride the bus” at the end of the game. 

About Ride The Bus Game 

Playing ride the bus drinking game

Ride the Bus is ideal for playing as a game when you and your pals are on a bus! You might play it on a bus on a pleasant vacation road trip, or you could play it on a party bus during a memorable night out!

Ride the Bus Set Up

One person amongst all the players is assigned the role of “dealer.” His function is to help with the deck of cards shuffling and verify that everyone follows the bus rules.

Everyone playing the game should sit around the table. Every player should have a glass of an alcoholic drink with themselves.

What You Need To Play Ride The Bus Game

In this Drinking Game, players must use reasoning and chance to avoid becoming wholly sloshed by the finale! To play Ride the Bus, participants will need a basic deck of cards to make predictions.

The most important thing to remember is that participants must accurately guess or drink! The person who has the fewest cards after the game is the winner!

The Ride the Bus game is comparable to the King’s Cup card drinking game. Both are much fun and would be ideal for any game night!

Ride The Bus Rules 

It is pretty simple to play this game. The player who has the most cards loses and has to “Ride the Bus.” If both the players have the same number of cards, the winner is the one with the highest card.

The losing player who “Rides the Bus” has to answer the following four questions correctly in a run:

“Red or black?”

“Higher or lower?”

“Between or outside?”

“Guess the suit.”

If the player’s estimate is right of all the questions asked, they win. They must drink and begin over from the first question if they guess incorrectly.

The game will end when one of the players correctly answers all four questions in succession or when the complete deck of cards is dealt with. The game also finishes if the player is thoroughly inebriated!

No one wants to “ride the bus” indefinitely. Whoever is the final participant should try to “get off the bus.”

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game 

Ride the Bus is a great card drinking game that is played with a big group. Ride the Bus is an awesome game that can be successfully won only with a matter of luck and some logic. Participants try their hardest not to lose time by not becoming the player who “ride the bus” at the end of the game. 

Here’s how you can play Ride the Bus:

At least two participants are required to play the Ride the bus drinking game, but the more participants, the more fun it will be to play.

The game Ride the Bus has about four rounds. The participants’ success through these four rounds will indicate who will finally get to ride the Bus at the completion. Most of the time, the game ends with the “riding the bus” rider being the one who is entirely wasted.

Round 1

The dealer begins by shuffling the cards and then asks each player the first question of the game. “Red or black?”. If the player obtains the color of the first card on his turn, he gets to offer a drink to the other players; if he is unable to do that, then he would have to drink.

Round 2

The same procedure is repeated in the second round, with the dealer asking the contestants a new question, “higher or lower?” The player must determine whether the value of their next card will be more or lower than the value of their first card. If your guess is correct, you will have to offer the other person a drink again. If you make a wrong guess, you get a drink. If you receive the same card, it’s an automatic penalty, and you have to drink.

Round 3 

The method is the same as in the previous rounds. The dealer poses a new question to the participant, “In between or outside?” It would help if you determined whether your next card value will be between your first and second card values or outside the range. If you do this right, you’ll be able to offer a drink, and if it is incorrect, you get to drink again.

As in the previous round, if you receive two similar cards, you’ll probably select the right option unless you get a third identical card, in which case you’ll have to drink.

Final Round

The approach is the same as in Round 3. The dealer will ask the participants to guess the suit (heart, spade, club, or diamond) of their card. If you predict right, you get to distribute five drinks; if you guess incorrectly, you get to drink.

Phase 2 : Building The Pyramid 

With four cards in each player’s hand, the dealer will construct a downward-facing pyramid by using five cards at first and a top card of one card. With each row having a different value of drinks, row 1 has one drink, row 2 has two drinks, and so on till the fifth row.

Once the participant has already seen the last vehicle of the pyramid, all available cards are discarded. Any player who still has cards is counted, and the person with the most significant card value will have to ride the Bus. That means he’d have to restart the game with just him and the dealer this time. When he makes a lousy estimate, he will have to start again. The game is over when the players have correctly answered all four questions in a sequence, when the full deck of cards has been used up, or when the individual is completely inebriated.

Are You Ready to Play Ride The Bus Game?

Always use caution while dealing with alcohol. Even while the Ride the Bus game is a competitive drinking game, you may change the mechanics and play it without drinking! Even without people becoming intoxicated, it’s still a fantastic game!

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