100 Shots of Beer in 100 Minutes – Century Club Challenge

100 Shots of Beer – Century Club Challenge

Ever heard of 100 shots of beer challenge? Is that even possible ? Yes, it is. Not just 100 shots of beer but 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes! It amazes me how people can take up such challenges. How much is 100 shots of beer even? Do not feel puzzled, we have all the answers for you. 

Can you imagine what kind of mess you might create after 100 shots in 100 minutes. I don’t want to go down the lane but there is something that you need to know about this challenge before we get into the details. Century Club, also called Centurion, is a fun drinking challenge. In this  Century Club drinking game players have to finish 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Sounds crazy? Bet you will go crazy after so many shots even if you don’t you will most certainly pass out. 

Lot of people enjoy their beer nice and slow, very rarely you will see people having beer shots. But there is always an exception. 100 beer shots in 100 minutes has become a phenomenon in many colleges and universities across the US. 

What is 100 Shots of Beer in 100 Minutes Challenge?

People trying 100 Shots of Beer in 100 Minutes Challenge

This Century Club beer challenge is quite similar to the drinking game called Power Hour. 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes challenge’s sole purpose is to have that many shots in that limited time frame. There are some who believe this challenge takes the Power Hour drinking game a notch higher. 

Power Hour drinking game is where every player gets eight beers each, shot glasses and a limited time period of 60 minutes. The players have to take a shot of beer every minute. This game goes on only for 60 minutes which means every person will have 60 shots of beer. 

The Century Club challenge is quite a simple game to understand and anybody can play it at the cost of getting drunk in a short span of time. 

How to Play Century Club

Century Club is pretty easy to play. All you need is people willing to take up this challenge and lots and lots of beer along with shot glasses. There will also have to be a timekeeper for this game. You require a minimum of two people but it is more fun when there is a large group doing this challenge. 

The Century Club challenge is quite straightforward. People who are taking up the challenge need to sit comfortably and will require a shot glass. You will require at least a 12 pack of beer. Keep trash bins or bags ready in case somebody needs it! 

The goal is to sit in place for 100 minutes without getting up from there, throwing up or leaving for the bathroom while having 100 shots of beer. 

Make provision for a person to keep a track of time and another person to refill their shot glasses with beer every time it’s empty. It is the job of the time keeper to tell everyone when to drink and that happens every 1 minute. In that minute everybody has to take a shot unless they want to quit the game. Timekeeping can get difficult after the first 1 hour so you can keep a timer or play a song for 1 minute after which everybody drinks. These secondary ways to keep time make it more fun. 

If anybody throws up or gets up from their spot during those 100 minutes, that person is eliminated from the game. 

How Many Beers is 100 Shots of Beer?

A single shot of beer varies according to where you live in the world. A single shot is around 30 to 35 ml (1.5 fluid oz) in most parts of the US. In the UK a single shot is anywhere around 25-35 ml. 

This translates 100 shots of beer into 2500 ml to 3500 ml of beer which is 2.5 to 3.5 liters of alcohol. That figure in ounces will be 84.5 to 118.3 fl oz. 

A normal serving of beer is 0.35 L so 100 shots of beer will be 10 to 12.5 normal bottles of beer. May not seem a lot but having 12 bottles of beer in 100 minutes is quite a lot. 

How Can I Survive the Century Club Challenge?

There is a slim chance that anybody has ever completed the Century Club Challenge, your best bet is to have 1 pint of beer in every 10 minutes. 

On an average a person will take an hour to process the alcohol in a pint of beer, so your chances are bleak of completing the challenge. Even if you do manage to have 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes there is risk of alcohol poisoning given the amount of alcohol consumed in a short span of time. 

Best to have a beer that has low alcohol content for this challenge. 

How much is 100 shots of beer?

100 shots of beer is around 2.5 to 3.5 liters or 84.5 to 118.3 fl oz. of beer. 


Century Club Challenge is not an easy drinking game, you should attempt it only if you think you can drink every minute of those 100 minutes. Drink wisely.


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