6 Life and Professional Lessons Bartending Can Teach You


Being a bartender can equip you with an amazing life and professional skills; while some benefits are obvious; others may not be that obvious. Bartending can add value to your resume in a positive way because it’s a unique learning experience where you can learn about dealing with people.

  1. Multitasking

As you juggle drinks, you may have to take a new order and converse a waiter perhaps. This job will easily teach you to manage a lot of tasks at the same time. This is key to making money as a bartender, your efficiency guarantees tips and customer satisfaction.

  1. Time management and problem-solving

To efficiently manage the bar, you need to be fast on your feet and stay away alert at all times. In addition to this, it allows you to become more adept in problem solving and resource management.

  1. Interacting with people

People can be mean sometimes and may lash out at you if you get an order wrong; you will have to find a way to stay nice and go to your happy place without getting too distracted. As a barperson, it is important to stay polite and efficient without getting too emotionally attached.

  1. Marketing and entrepreneurship

Through a bartending job, you can learn how to present yourself well to influence sales and the tips you receive. This is a great lesson in marketing yourself and learning how to present yourself; every time, you pour a drink – you are marketing yourself and advertising the bar as a place of class.

  1. Basic financial management

On a hectic night, you have to be fast in adding up bills, calculating fast and even split bills evenly. Furthermore, if you only survive on tips then you need to be able to save your money to meet your rent and other bills.

  1. Socialising and leadership

Socialising with customers requires you connecting with them instantly; there is no time for icebreakers so this truly improves communication drastically. Depending on how drunk a customer is, you may have to exercise your therapist muscle. Most bartending jobs require that you lead waitresses and waiters and remain cool when the pressure is on.

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