Power Hour Drinking Game: Rules and How To Play

Social interaction is a must for a drinking game since you would want to play it with all your friends. Sure, you’ll want to win, but the point of a drinking game is to have a good time. Power Hour is an ideal group drinking game that is guaranteed to be a hit at any party.

In this post, you will find out all about the Power Hour drinking game, the equipment required, how to play, and what not to do while playing this game.

About Power Hour Drinking Game

It’s simple to play, as are all good drinking games. However, whether you’ll make it to the game’s finish seems another matter.

Power Hour is pretty unique compared to other drinking games. Rather than pitting players against one another, this drinking game is more of an endurance challenge. There are no cards or other game components required, unlike in Waterfall.

A shot glass should be placed in front of each player. You’ll also need at least a dozen or more beer cans handy. Other drinks, on the other hand, can also be used.

In Power Hour, players will need to take a shot every minute. Therefore you will want to avoid stronger beverages. Players can leave at any time, and if they do not take a shot within the time limit, they will be eliminated.

But, how does one keep track of the time while playing? To time each round, you use music. After a minute, a new song will begin to play, and you should take your shot right away. While you could create your playlist, YouTube has many pre-made videos that you may watch.

Because Power Hour may go up to sixty rounds, you don’t want someone to get inebriated after only a few shots. Each participant will require their shot glass, so make sure you have enough.

Acrylic shot glasses in a variety of colors would be a terrific choice. Power Hour is best played with a bigger group of six or more people, although it may also be played among two individuals. The game may be played at a pub, but it’s ideal at home.

You’ll also want a means of playing music loudly so that everyone can hear when a new round begins. Simply listening to music on a smartphone is a terrific method to do this.

What do You need?

Each participant gets one shot glass.
Per player, 6-7 beers
Speakers and Sound System


Only a single shot glass and 6-7 beers are required for each player. The power hour mix is then played over loud enough speakers for everyone to hear when the music changes.

Power Hour Drinking Game Rules

Now that you know everything you need to play let’s speak about the regulations and overall gameplay.

The goal of Power Hour is to win, just like any other drinking game! You win if you’re the last to drink, and there might be more than one winner. It’s also feasible that no one will make it to the game’s finish.

Under conventional rules, a player must complete all sixty rounds to win Power Hour. You may, of course, give the winner to the last player to quit, depending on how flexible you want to be. After all, Power Hour is a game, so the rules aren’t all that important. The eventual point of the game is to have a good time!

Getting Started

The first step in organizing a Power Hour game is to grab everyone a shot glass. After everyone has taken their seats, each person should pour their first glass. Make sure that each participant has easy access to the beer (or whatever beverage you’re using). The music will then begin, and the game will begin.

How to play Power Hour

Everyone in the room will be playing Power Hour for the next hour. A player should take a shot after sixty seconds. Players should, ideally, take their shot right away. They will, however, remain in the game as long as they drink before the next song begins.

The Power Hour drinking game is a test of endurance in many ways. Sixty shots are significant, and getting to the finish will undoubtedly be challenging. The gameplay is simple, but winning (or even making it to the end) will be difficult.

You are the winner if you make it to the end and complete all sixty shots!

Game Strategy

As you already know now how to play Power Hour, you would want to know about the strategies to help you win. In Power Hour, all you have to do is drink a shot per minute. As the game progresses, this will inevitably get more difficult. However, if you want to win, you should aim to keep your opponents distracted as much as possible!

So you should try talking to other players as you can try to distract them in a non-obtrusive way, so they wouldn’t remember to drink. No rules are stopping you from doing this, and if you want to improve your chances of winning, there’s no need to be afraid to get dirty if necessary!

Rule Variations

There are a few different rules for Power Hour. The rule remains the most popular version, which is the last player. This regulation eliminates the necessity for players to drink all sixty shots to win. It’s merely a matter of becoming the last player to drink.

The water rule is another rule variant worth knowing about. According to this guideline, players should drink water shots for five to ten rounds after every ten drinks. This is an excellent version for first-timers since it prevents players from being completely inebriated immediately.

Ultimately, the living rule states that players can miss a shot and remain in the game. It’s entirely up to you how many lives you grant players. If you’re only playing with a few other individuals, this is a wise rule. Because it will help keep the game going for a few more rounds.


How much do you drink in a power hour?

1.5 ounces equals a regular shot. Using the metric system, it’s around 44 MLS; if you’re in Europe, it’s a power hour.

Twelve ounces equals a regular beer. Or around 355 millilitres.

How many cans of beer is Power Hour?

According to the power hour guidelines of one shot per minute, you’d drink 90 ounces of beer in an hour. In a single power hour session, this equates to 7.5 beers drunk.

60 x 1.5oz* = 90 ounces of beer (7.5 12 ounce cans, or 5.6 pints of beer in the United States).

Is Power Hour a real thing?

Yes, Power hour, often known as 21 for 21, is a drinking game in which players must take a certain number of alcohol shots. One shot of beer per minute for an hour or 60 shots of beer in an hour are two options.


That’s all there is to know how to play the Power Hour drinking game and have fun doing it!
This drinking game is unique because it does not rely on chance in the way that other drinking games do. It’s all about endurance and testing how long you can endure in this game. If you want a more basic drinking game, this is the game to play that will put your willpower to the test.


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