Top 7 Luxury Cocktails you must Try Once in your Lifetime!


For those who are a fan of cocktails and wouldn’t mind splurging a little bit more here is a list f some of the most expensive and delightful cocktails that you have got to try at least for once in your entire lifetime!

  • Diamond is forever

This cocktail is from Ritz Carlton in Tokyo is one of the most delightful cocktails you will ever have.  Taking things one notch up, this cocktail has an 18 karat gold and has 1 karat of diamond.  It cost as much as $22,600 thus making it one of the most expensive cocktails of all time. The fact that only two has been sold till date in it makes it so unique and rare.

  • Ono Champagne Cocktail

This fine cocktail is served in the Encore Wynn hotel in Las Vegas in a jewel encrusted glass around with all things luxury. It costs as much as $10,000 and ranks among the top in the list of luxury cocktails. This champagne cocktail is one of its kind and worth trying at least for once in your lifetime.

  • Martini on the Rock

Well having martini on the rocks is a common things most of us have had it once. But have you ever tried the Martini on the Rock?  This is one of the most expensive cocktails which are served in the New York City in the very famous Algonquin Hotel. It surely is a true gem as it comes with a diamond. In fact this cocktail drink is so famous that people need to make three days of prior reservations to have a sip of this exquisite delightful drink. In fact the cost of this drink also depends on the diamond then you choose and it may cost upto $15,000.

  • Diamond cocktail

The London’s Sheraton Park Hotel serves this very famous Diamond cocktail which truly lives upto its name. This cocktail is basically a blend of the various cognacs each of which costs about $1,000. In total the cocktail costs about $4,350.

  • Sapphire Martini

You can taste this one of a kind of this martini at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Served with a pair of sapphire this drink costs about $3,000 and is drink you must try at least once in your lifetime.

  • Platinum Passion

Considered to be the NYC’s one of the most expensive drinks of all time, the Platinum Passion is served at Duvet, New York, which is a bed themed bar. It costs around about $1500. You can enjoy this cocktail while comfortable laying back on your bed and enjoy a peaceful time.

  • Original Mai Tai

Although many people claim to have tasted the Mai Tai before, but out of them, very few could get a chance to sip the original Mai Tai which is served in the Belfast’s Merchant Hotel. Originated in 1944, this drink has gained worldwide popularity because of its rich flavors and high quality. It costs about $1270.


Thus if you are into luxury cocktails, you have got to try these out at least for once in your lifetime.

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