Top 10 Gross Drunk Stories that will Make you ROFL


Drinking can be fun and a lot of people prefer it in parties or some kind of celebrations. But one needs to have some kind of control over them. Otherwise things may not turn out as good as it may seem. Many at times, due to over drinking, people tend to lose their consciousness and end up doing some hilariously gross things that may make them embarrassed the next time they come out in public.

Now here are 10 of such gross stories  which will make you go ROF-

  1. So once there was this guy, who arrived at home late at night and was fully drunk. When asked by his mother he did not respond. So his mother started scolding on how bad drinking was. And all of a sudden out of nowhere, the guy puked into the pack of cigarette that his mother had while trying to convince his mom that he wasn’t drunk. This ways both got a good reason why they should neither smoke nor drink.
  2. Now there was this girl who attended a party at one of her friend’s place. Due to over drinking, she felt like vomiting. As a result, she went out in the backyard and started puking all over the place. There was this guy who helps her back as all this time as she was puking. It’s been 12 years now and they are happily married.
  3. There was this highs school guy who got drunk with his teacher. They were involved in some deep conversation and suddenly at one point in time, he raised his hands to ask if he could use the washroom.
  4. There were two best decision to go for a sleepover. They had a lot of gossiping and ended up drinking more than that was requires. The first thing she saw after she woke up next morning was that her legs and hands both were tied to the bedposts, and then hears the scream in which her best friend’s 8-year-old cousin says ‘don’t wake the giant! Keep him tied down’ (he was inspired by the Gulliver’s travels basically)
  5. There was this girl in a pub. Eventually, she got so drunk that she stole the crown of other girls and ran away to the next pub. There is told everyone that it was her birthday and convinced a boy to buy her drinks.
  6. There was this guy who got drunk all by himself. Later on, he spent his entire night calling at the White House, just so that he could ask if the J in his names stands for Jasmine!
  7. There was a girl who once got a little too drunk in the pub. Now she rushed to the washroom to puke. While returning she bumped into someone. She said sorry, but they didn’t move. He then took her 5 minutes to realize that the person he was telling sorry to was, in reality, her own reflection.
  8. Now there was this girl who once got trapped in the elevator. Frighten by this she immediately started calling everyone she knew until the rescuers finally arrived to open the door of the elevators. Though they seemed a little annoyed at this, the reason being that the girls forgot to press the button as she was so drunk and was not actually trapped.
  9. Now there was this guy who was quite drunk and reached home late at night. Soon enough he started puking all over the place.  His dog got petrified seeing all of this and started peeing all over the place. As soon as the man turned towards his dog to see what he was doing, he couldn’t resist himself and puked on the dog itself.
  10. There was this one person who got so drunk that he went to his terrace, put his phone on flight mode, threw it off of that height hoping that would fly but surprisingly enough it didn’t turn out that way.


So these are a few gross drunk stories you can only thank God  for you were not that person, some of them being really funny. 

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