Should You Freeze Alcohol?

In lew of having everything be a convenience to us, freezing food has become a huge part of it. Batch cooking is one of the best ways to save time, energy, and resources. Bulk buying is also a huge part of getting good deals and always having things available.

When you bulk buy, freezing is the best way to keep things fresh. Does this apply to alcohol, though? Can you freeze alcohol?

The first time I saw my friend put wine in the freezer to cool it quicker, I asked her if it was safe. Although she didn’t care, it still bothered me because I was newly introduced to wine.

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Fast forward now, the question came back to me. And, apparently freezing wine is actually a good idea but that doesn’t mean every type of alcohol can be frozen. For example, freezing beer is not a good idea. We will discuss why in a bit.

Wines anyway taste better chilled, like white or rosé. You can defrost wine to use for cooking, but drinking is also a good idea. You won’t have to run to the fridge every time your glass is empty in order to have the perfectly chilled wine.

Now, talking about why it isn’t a good idea to freeze beer.

If you have ever had to chill beer quickly then you know that it isn’t that tricky. Beer freezes quick, so it chills quickly too. If you have beer cans out and need them to chill quickly, all you have to do is put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes with the lowest temperatures and you will have your chilled beer.

While this is a good hack for always having chilled beer without hogging your fridge with the cans, it is not a good idea to let the beer can or bottle stay in the freezer. The beer expands when it freezes.

The quick freezing and expansion when frozen is a recipe for disaster. This means that you can have exploded beer in your freezer and you have enough quantity, it can also mean a broken freezer. 

Even if the freezer doesn’t break, cleaning it out is going to be a nightmare and the smell of the beer will linger. If it was a glass bottle, then good luck cleaning out the shards of glasses. To avoid all of this, make sure to keep an eye on your beer if you ever think of chilling it quickly.

Final Thoughts

Not only wine, but vodka from the freezer is another great hit too. Once you have tried it, your whole outlook will change. You can also put most spirits in the freezer because they do not freeze instead go a bit thicker, this is because of the higher alcohol content in them. Although, storing beer in the freezer is a no-no. Make sure to do your research if the kind of alcohol you want to freeze is safe to do so.

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