Essential Accessories for a Home Bar

Home bar

A proper bar setup makes a cocktail party perfect. Setting up a wet bar adds glamour to your house. If you want to live the moment or draw wisdom from the past in solace, there is none place better than your home and a glass of moods in your hand. These are some basic accessories that will make you cherish as you take a sip of your drink at your home.


The vessel which offers you entertainment is the most basic accessory you need. Some different glasses for your different moods are as follows.

Wine Glass: Nothing is better than candlelight, the beautiful wine in a wine glass, and your loved ones by your side. Slowly blending and a momentous sip from the glass makes it authentic, but you still are at your home.

Pint Glass: There is a football match and friends are coming by? Make it memorable with beer and matching Pint glass. It contains just about the perfect quantity to enjoy your drink to the fullest.

Rocks glass: Tired of your daily work, rock down your stress with On The Rocks of whiskey and the Rocks glass. The beautiful design and eye-catching vibrancies of the texture will surely uplift your mood.

Shot glass: A cocktail party isn’t completed without Tequila shots. A loud group, some electronic music, and tequila shots will surely make you hit the dance floor. These shots glass are perfect to add up the elegance to the moment.


A few items that are a must for setting up your home bar are as follows.

Corkscrew: Corkscrew is the top essentials. To open your happiness wine bottle you need a corkscrew. The double-hinged makes it suitable enough for any type of cork and is safe to use.

Bottle Opener: Sometimes a beer bottle can be hard to open. The basic yet essential item in your Wet Bar should be a bottle opener. A simple yet useful and necessary instrument.

Shaker: A delicacy needs proper care to be the tastiest, so does any cocktail.  Suppose you are provided with a recipe for the cocktail, with all the ingredients but the taste won’t develop if you don’t mix it well. That is where the essential Shaker comes in handy. A shaker naturally cools the drink and is a perfect blender. Your Mojitos are ready to be served with a shaker by your side.

Jigger: Jiggers are hourglass shaped vessels used for measuring the drink. Mostly used for scotch and whiskey, comes in units of ounces. Typically there is a larger cup with the measurement of 1 ½ ounces and similarly a smaller cup with measurement of ¾ ounces. It is essential to measure the amount you are drinking.


Like the icing on the cake these are few items which raises the bar of your Bar.

Bottle loft: A bottle loft or hanger is specially designed to store your beer bottle. It adds beauty to your home bar and comes handy. Compact and can be kept for chilling.

Ice Bucket: On The Rocks is not completed without the Ice. An ice bucket adds glamour to your Wet Bar. It offers you the chills when you need them. It is somewhat a exquisite and a necessity together.

Decanters: A decanter as its name goes is a special bottle of glass where you can store your drink. Mostly it has a glass cap and it somewhat adds flavour to the drink the longer you store it in a decanter. Easy to pour and serve.

Coasters: These are small trays for decanters, a mat for serving drinks, etc. They can be of steel, silver plated or even wood. Coasters add up to the decor of your Home Bar.

This sums up the list of what you must have to have a bar in your home. You can arrange parties now without worrying about the supplies and delivery timings.

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