Tips to Create an Upscale, Modern Bar


Today, creating an upscale bar that will not only have your new establishment raking in customers, but get a reputation for one of the best places to unwind on the weekend isn’t easy. It seems there’s a different bar on every corner offering a variety of different ambiances. However, creating an upscale and modern vibe is the easiest way to draw in millennials and new patrons. Modern bars are known for having a relaxed and high-class ambiance without eliminating the fun and easy-to-enjoy feeling. If you’re ready to create the bar you’ve always wanted, take a look at some must-haves for any upscale bar.

Invest in the Best Liquors and Drafts

At dive bars, you may be able to get away with some of the alcohol or PBR on tap, but for an upscale bar with pricy drinks and cocktails, people expect to get the good stuff. Make sure you consult with a mixologist or liquor specialist to find out which brands and the best for specific cocktails or mixes. Opt for buying the better wines and beers to have on tap. Of course, opting for the well-known, everyday brands is also acceptable, too, but make sure you offer your high-end customers the best options.

Create a Vaping or E-Cig Area

The newest trend in bars and lounge areas is to create a place for vaping or e-cigarettes. These areas, similar to a hookah bar, give your patrons somewhere to talk, enjoy different cigarette flavors, and reduces the amount of smoke in your bar area. These areas are perfect for attracting millennials and young adults looking for somewhere to enjoy the e-cig trend. If you plan on making your bar smoke-free, having an area for e-cig smoking is perfect for attracting more customers. Choose wholesale e-cig clients to buy vapors, liquids, and devices to create your smoking area. If you don’t want to provide the equipment, designate the area for those who bring their own.

Offer Live Music or Jazz

2Unlike college bars with bad cover bands or loud DJs, an upscale bar requires a different type of atmosphere. Opt for classical music, jazz, or even a live pianist to give a soothing ambience. For the patrons frequenting these modern and upscale bars, they want somewhere to forget about the long day at work. Often, loud music can do the exact opposite. Create a light airy musical arrangement to give room for conversation without overpowering the room with the latest hits. If you love the sound of live music, choose a blues or jazz band to play on weekends.

Have Comfortable Lounging Areas

The key to keeping people coming back is to have ample seating and comfortable seating for everyone. Too often bars have standing room only or no space to actually enjoy a cocktail or beer. It leads to spilled drinks and wasted money. When creating your upscale bar, look for comfortable and plush seating options. Tables, couches, chairs, and different areas designated for different things gives your bar a unique feel without making finding a seat impossible. Create a small dance area for people to enjoy the music and choose more high-end bar stools for the patrons who choose to sit closest to the bartender. If you have lounge or seating areas, a waitress or someone to take cocktail orders may be a great option to avoid crowding around the bar.

Hire Well-Trained and Courteous Bartenders

If you want the reputation of your bar to draw customers in instead of push them away, making sure you hire the best staff is the right way to do that. Customers rate the customer service of an establishment first before most anything else. For bars, having knowledgeable, skilled, and courteous bartenders is the easiest way to keeping people happy. Customers want to feel that their expectations and needs are met when it comes to ordering drinks. For many bars, it can be hard to order drinks when bartenders don’t treat patrons fairly. Make sure you have enough staff on hand to handle even a crowded night. If you need to serve a larger group of people, choose to have waitresses or staff ready to take orders and reduce everyone heading straight to the bar.

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