5 Drinking Games For Some Booze Fun

drinking game

What’s a party without drinks? It’s boring to just pour those martinis and cocktails without having some fun. Well, not literally the kind of fun your mind is getting at. But gaming is fun. These are games that add some flavor and fun to an otherwise boring party. These are fun activities that make you enjoy those parties with friends even more. Let’s check out some fun drinking games that are totally kickass. You can add some cocktail recipes to this party that can add to the fun.

  1. I Never

You might think this is old school but the most fun game ever. From false pretense to those tales of fun sex and cheating partners, places friends want to see, everything is on the table. And it exposes so many other things too, which you would never know about your favorite people otherwise. So what’s this game really? Every player has to say a statement that starts with “I’ve never…” And the others who have done that thing or have had that experience must drink. It is amazing. And this is can be as simple as “I’ve never missed a flight.”

  1. COD

Circle of Death has gazillion names. The most common is Ring of Fire. It requires just a cup, a deck of cards and some fun. Spread the deck of cards around a single cup and the players pick the cards randomly from the deck. Every card has its own rule, which is decided by the house. Now this could be everything from the Take a drink and go again for Queen, Drink until you are asked to stop (Ace). The one rule that works here is that if the player comes up with a King, they are required to put their drink in the center cup (little or more). And this cocktail of drinks is supposed to be consumed by the one who draws the 4th King. You can make your own rules for this one.

  1. Most Likely

It is one game that is a hit at most parties. If you haven’t tried it already, here’s what you have to do, sit in a circle and let one player ask a “most likely” question. It could be anything from “Who is most likely to kiss Beckham in public?” or “Who is most likely to shoplift a pack of smokes”. Within seconds, you and your friends can point to whoever they think would be most likely to do whatever act was mentioned. So every person who points at you, you have to have a drink for that one.

  1. Dirty Pint

It is as simple and fun as it gets. So, each of you puts a bit of your drink in a big pint. Let the drinks keep coming. Once that is done, flip a coin, if you make the right guess you are saved. But if you don’t, get ready for that dirty pint. And this would mean some serious drinking, you bet!

  1. Cup Swap

It is simple and fun, but you’ve got to have a strong stomach for alcohol to perform this one. Every player needs two cups. One full and one with alcohol. Now, you have a minute to pour as much alcohol as you can put in the other cup using a spoon. When the minute is over, you drink whatever is left in the original cup. It sounds all simple, but once you get down to do it, you know what the game entails really.

When you want to get the party started in just the most fun way, this is an ideal way to celebrate. There are many who add the mimicry of a fictional character they would like to dress up as (or already have at a theme party). Add fun to the party with games like these and don’t make booze just another element at the party.

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