Civil War Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

Let us pull you out of the misery and clarify that Beer Pong is no longer the OG bar game. Times are changing and so are people’s likings. So, if you are hunting for a popular, interactive, and fun bar game, you can enliven a party with the Civil War Drinking Game.

It isn’t a slow or boring game and more or less accommodates every legal age group. But, unlike beer pong or most other bar games that lack any backbone, the Civil War drinking game needs strategizing.

The game is perfect for larger groups, smaller groups, and even a group with strangers that you just met while drinking at a bar. All you have to do is prepare a bit of a set-up before you start playing the game.

Since the game is fairly new, this article should give you all the information that you likely need to get started with it.

What is the Civil War Drinking Game?

Just by the name of it, the game sounds like a rough housing game involving fights. But that’s not the case at all. It’s quite the opposite of it.

We aren’t sure about the inception or origin story of this game, but it bases a lot of its inspiration on the traditional beer pong. But, in a way, it is a modified and a better version.

The game involves two teams, including three players on each team. So, you start the game with a total of six players. Next is the cup lifeline. With six players, each player has their designated six cups lifeline that is arranged in a triangular pattern in front of the player.

So, how does the game go?

Each player has to aim their lightweight white balls into their opponent’s cup. Every player takes a turn, and if they successfully aim the ball into the cup, the opponent has to take a drink out of the cup.

The team whose all players have the drinks from their cups is out, and the opponent wins the game.

When you talk about it in this manner, it sounds a lot like Beer Pong. But, behold, because there are many strategies associated with the Civil War drinking game. We will discuss that in detail in the next sections.

What You Will Need for the Game?

As we mentioned before, when it comes to playing the Civil War drinking game, there are certain things you need to arrange. This involves the items you will use for playing, the alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drinks, and the placement of it all.

Let us walk you through them in detail:

The Cups

When it comes to playing the Civil War drinking game, you can’t forego the cups. These are the staple of the game. However, how many cups would you need?

Technically, each player gets 6 cups, which means that for a game involving three players on each team, you’d need a total of 36 cups. However, we’d recommend keeping a few extras with you. This acts as a replacement in case there are cracks or holes in the cups.

Additionally, each team needs to add two “bonus” cups to the stack with water. They aren’t counted as a player’s life, but if an opponent throws their ball into the water cup, they need to drink it. The motive behind this is to ensure that the player remains hydrated while chugging down alcohol.

The Ping Pong Balls

Like any fair bar gar, players start with one ball in their hand. But, how do you decide who goes first? Ideally, that’s decided by flipping a coin.

With every successful aim into the cup with the ping pong ball, the opponent has to drink out of the cup. The empty cup is removed or flipped upside down on the table.

Besides these, the players will need access to the “drink of choice.” Technically, people use cheaper or more accessible drinks like vodka or tequila. However, this is a party game, so the decision depends on the teams playing the game. It can also be played with non-alcoholic drinks if needed.

How to Set up the Table for the Civil War Drinking Game?

Once you have all the equipment needed for the game, the next thing is the set-up. It isn’t complicated and can be done within a few minutes.

First, you need to select and divide your teams. Ideally, the first round starts with six players – three on each team.

Hand over 6 cups to each player. These six cups need to be laid out on the table in a triangular formation. You can do the staple 3-2-1 staggered placement. Once sorted into rows, the cups need to be filled with drinks of choice. We’d recommend filling it halfway.

Besides these six cups, each team should have two water-filled cups on the table. This is mandatory.

Once the set-up is done, you can flip the coin to decide who takes the first shot. After that, it is a matter of who is fast on their feet.

What are the Game Rules and Strategies of the Civil War Drinking Game?

If you followed until now, you are pretty much aware of the rules. Let us still give you a quick rundown.

  • Two teams play with three players in each.
  • Each player has six cups as lifelines in the game.
  • After flipping a coin, it is decided who gets the first chance at the throw.
  • If the ball lands in the opponent’s cup, they have to chug the drink.
  • Following the first shot, the next shot can be picked by any team that gets hold of the ball. There is no need to take turns like you would with beer pong.

What makes the Civil War unique is its spontaneity. Once the ball is thrown after the first shot, it can be picked up by either team and then shoot their shot. The goal of the Civil War Drinking game is to finish the 6 cups of the opponent to win. You have to be on your feet and quite frantic throughout the game.

Once one team loses all their cups (including the water cups), that team loses, and the other one wins. The great thing about the Civil War drinking game is the adrenaline rush. Nothing is done “In turns.” Instead, you have to be frantic and on your feet.

Your only strategy with the game is to stay collected while you throw the ball. If you can’t achieve the aim, it will cost you a turn and possibly a win too. So, even when you are frantic trying to find the ball, be calm when taking the actual shot.


We have shared all the nitty-gritty you need to know about the Civil War Drinking game and how it’s played. If you are tired of the staple and boring beer pong, this is a pretty great and fast-paced alternative that one can look into. Ensure that you drink responsibly and avoid pushing yourself if you aren’t in the right headspace. Let’s go and enjoy this party game with your friends or family.


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