4 Surprising Online Casino Myths

Myths are quite common in an industry which is hugely popular like the online gambling industry. Since the working of the slot games, which form the crux of the online casino industry, is not quite clear, it has often led to even bigger myths. Traditional casino games like blackjack and poker are also no exceptions when it comes to such situations. Yet, some of the myths can be straight away dismissed while some need more clarification. Here are some of the surprising online casino myths:

If There Is No Big Payout for a Long Time, It Is Likely to Happen Soon

Online slot games are hugely affected by this myth that a win would be just around the corner if it has not been paid out for a long time. Progressive jackpot slots provide the ability to win huge sums of money, sometimes similar to that of a lottery. Yet, it makes no more than a simple spin in order to create this victory. Players do not need to have any knowledge about the game in order to win huge sums of money. Since it is not uncommon to see progressive jackpot slots run into several millions, a myth has been created over time. Progressive jackpot slots are the most affected immensely by this myth. Yet, it is totally untrue.

Win Percentage Increases at a Certain Time of the Day

This method has clearly been created when the online gambling industry was still in its infancy. Many players still assumed that the slot machines at a land-based casino are programmed in such a way that they would generate lower RTP to the player at a peak time. This is usually in the evenings and in the night when casinos witness a large number of footfalls. Yet, this is not the case since the casinos do not benefit from such a move. This does not especially hold true for online casinos, which can be played anywhere and anytime of the day.

Online casinos have even gone to the next level by being extremely supportive of mobile usage. As a result, it is now possible to play some of the top online slots, which are found at https://au.vogueplay.com/all-slots-mobile-casino/, without having to worry about the myth affecting the chances of winning.

Casinos Do Foul Play Through Number Rigging

If a player not used to the world of casinos does not tend to win much during a session, they often tend to think that casinos are doing foul play in order to maximise their chances of winning. This is certainly not the case especially for casinos located in the likes of the UK, Malta, and Alderney. The Gambling Commissions at these places are extremely strict. They enforce a lot of legislations in order to ensure that casinos are fare.

These legislations even extended to the random number generators, which are used by the modern slot machines. Other places where they have an impact is on the checks and balances that are applied in the table games.

Casino Games Are Only About Luck

This, perhaps, is the biggest myth of them all. Gambling is often perceived to be bad, as the problem of gambling addiction has led to several individuals being ruined. Casino games are being viewed as the ultimate expression of gambling, as they often take place in casinos where it is common for inexperienced players to lose a lot of money. While the element of luck certainly applies when it comes to slot games, it is certainly not the case with regard to the casino games. Even in terms of the slot games, players are dealing with a certain element of probability and the risk, which are present in day-to-day activities.

Final Thoughts

Games like poker and blackjack involve a lot of strategies and the ability to read the opposition player. These are strategies that are simply not available for the less skilled or talented person. Being successful at such casino games is not only about luck. Improving the odds is certainly possible with regard to casino games at any age. Unlike sports, individuals are not restricted by age to improve themselves with these games.

These are some of the four common myths when it comes to the online casino games.

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