5 Efficient Life Hacks for Spanish Learners

Check out these amazing 5 tips that enhance speed as well as efficiency of your Spanish learning process. Master the language within a couple of weeks!

5 Hacks That Skyrocket Efficiency of Your Spanish Studies!

Spanish is the language of the lion’s share of Earth’s population. You can hear these flaming words and blazing speeches in Mexico. Spain, Italy, Ukraine and even outer space. How awesome is that? Spanish might just be the language of the future up and ready to replace English as well as its global influence.

Or it may not.

But, in either case, it would be smarter to brace for impact by learning the language of matadors in advance.

But how can you do it without wasting years upon years’ nose-deep in boring, outdated educational literature?

#1 – Skype!

Yeah, you’ve heard it – try and learn Spanish via Skype. No, seriously, as absurd as it may sound, getting a native speaker tutor is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. First and foremost – you will have a person to look after you, your progress. He or she will become a personal assistant, guide and coach for your studies.

That and you will hear how a native speaker pronounces the words, you will embrace their flow in speech. Simply listening to someone talk while understanding half of it leads to adaptation of your brain. You will be understanding more and more every time. The same can be said about TV shows and movies – watch them in Spanish only.

#2 – Use the internet

If you are on social media – follow Spanish people around. You will see what their community triggers, which threads and reasoning are important to their mentality. You will also learn a lot about pop culture, hashtags and slang words. They are an integral element of further assimilation so you can’t really afford missing out on them.

Start using native Spanish sites. You will see the difference of immersion as soon as do this. Switch the language in all of your apps, browsers and operating systems into Spanish. Seeing those words around 24/7/365 performs actual miracles!

#3 – Learn some quirks

Such things have to be personalized. These are things like reading a paper in Spanish every morning while enjoying your coffee. Or you can replace several bad words you are addicted to using with something funny in Spanish.

This way you will keep in touch with the language as well as its spirit day after day. This leads to a massive impact on your grey cells. You will be thinking in Spanish before you know it!

#4 – Imitate

Imitate the habits and preferences of your teacher on Skype, mimic of people on social media. This way you will allow their mindset inside. This way you will understand the “Why” behind the “what” and there really isn’t anything of higher importance for a learner of any foreign language.

Imitation allows you to become authentic. You will understand the natives for sure. But what’s more important they will treat you like their friend. You will unite with the culture and you will unite with the people!

#5 – Start right now

The sooner you begin the better. No, not because Spanish will dominate the lingual world the day after tomorrow, but because you aren’t getting any younger. It’s harder for a human brain to adapt and adjust with time. As years fly by so do your chances of learning a foreign language. Don’t miss your chance. Commence on the studies right now!


That’s it. Adapt the tricks above in your daily lives and become a master of Spanish within a few months. Following these tips, you will see that the whole process of learning Spanish is so fun. How awesome is that!

PS: Do you have anything relevant to add? Feel free to and lets all embrace in a fulfilling, meaningful conversation. We have a chance to make our lingual world a better place right now with something as simple as sharing. Shall we?

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