The Pros and Cons of Finding Love using the Social Media

Dating using social media

We all love spending time most of our days glued to our smartphones and a large portion of this time is spent on social media. So, if we spend such a huge fraction of time on social media, why not make good use of it. We are talking about doing more than sharing opinions, keeping up with the news, feeding your interests among other popular stuff we love doing online. In that case, you may be thinking, why not try fishing around for love in social media? Not so fast though, social media is a double edged sword – it has the good and the bad side.

Not to be confused though, with online dating sites, social media is a bit different particularly when it comes to the way you register and social fragmentation. Of course, social media is free, unlike most online dating sites that charge a fee for you to join the pool. In matters fragmentation, online dating sites are online tailored for matching people.

Let’s now take a peek at these two vital sides of using social media to find love that you should know.

The Pros of Finding Love Using Social Media

Now, Facebook is a place where friends take their offline relationships online but most of us actually have connections outside our offline circles and the beauty is that you can meet these new people and maybe even fall in love. Perhaps what catches the eye with starting out relationships on social media is the fact that you can mine into tons of information available on a person and get an idea of what awaits you ahead.

Think about it. There is a high probability that you can know a thing or two about the other person not to mention that you may already share some mutual friends.  For example, whenever you are friends with anyone on Facebook then you can not only read their posts but you can also roll back the time as well-digging into their life from the time since they joined the social network.

You can get a glimpse of things like what the other person likes, the activities they love doing, the people they are friends with, the people and places they hang out with and much more available on the social media platform

And in most cases, the pictures you will be seeing are real not altered. Well, they may be altered to look good (thanks to the plethora of editing tools around), but they are certainly organic and something close to reality.

Moreover, it can be easier to start out chats on social media by virtue of familiarity through the friendships circles you have. Relationships may start by simple things like comments, likes and soon you may be poking, chatting, then dating! That said, media is not always a rosy place for finding love. There is the negative side and let’s now turn our attention to this perspective.

The Cons of Finding Love through Social Media

The sad truth is that at times what you see isn’t what you get on social media platforms. Let’s just say that people may not be entirely present an honest side of themselves on most social networks depending on the motives. In other words, it would be a let off if you get into an intimate relationship based only on what you see on those social media bios and avatars

People can take liberties engaging on social media than in real life. As a matter of fact, many are using social media to hide behind the anonymity afforded by communicating using these channels. So, don’t just rely on what someone says or how sexy a profile photo is, take some time to know a person in real life before getting to the deep end of the pool. The key here is to follow your heart but don’t forget to use your brain!

In Conclusion

Social media is not like a dating website such as where the sole purpose of people signing up is to find compatible partners. It can certainly be an avenue for finding love but, there is no magic formula when it comes to matters heart thus you never know if social media love will work for you or not. It’s more or less a matter of trial and error but remember to approach it with utmost caution and take as much time as possible to know someone before taking a relationship to the next level. You never known, maybe lady luck will strike!

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