4 Awesome Shows to Binge Watch

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Binge Watching is one of the guilty pleasures for a lot of people. Everyone has their favorite shows and keep recommending it to people. We force our friends to watch and like the same shows as us so that we have someone to gush over the same shows. I am no different!

Recently I have been spending a lot of time binge watching shows. Some for the storyline and some for the cinematography. Here are some of the shows that I highly recommend.

The Office (US)

I started watching The Office after my friend forced me too. But, boy, am I glad! I love the content, I love the style of direction, I love the puns, and I love the characters. This show is a documentary-style portrayal based around a paper company in Scranton, and it’s employees. It is based on the UK show by the same name. Popular storylines include Jim and Pam’s love story. Michael and Pam’s, Dwight and Pam’s friendship, Angela’s better-than-thou attitude, Dwight being Dwight, Michael and Toby’s feud. These are just some of my favorite things. Not to forget, Creed! A character who gets very little screen time but makes his mark.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory revolves around the lives of four socially awkward friends a.k.a. A bunch of nerds. Their lives start becoming more interesting when Penny enters their lives. I enjoy the first 2-3 seasons the most because they are true to the essence of the show. From then, a lot of new characters are introduced, although the characters add a lot to the story, towards the end, it gets more mature than the earlier fun. A tiny tribute to how real life works, according to me.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I started this show because I was bored, and the rest is history. I binge watched it. It revolves around an NYPD office of the 99th precinct. All the characters are not only diverse in the sense of castings but also their personality types. My favorite has to be Jake Peralta’s and Amy Santiago’s ongoing battle to see who makes the most arrest, this is one of the ongoing trends of the starting season.


I started this after I was done with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Each episode runs for 43 minutes, and I binge-watched the life out of it. I was sort of addicted to the show. It begins with Mike Ross, who is a very talented and gifted college dropout, being hired by Harvey Specter, one of New York’s best lawyers, and working in one of New York’s best law firms. They work the cases in a way to hide Mike’s qualifications. Throughout the show, I had a love-hate relationship with Mike, but I loved Harvey throughout.

I have been watching a lot recently, so I decided to take a break. See what I am doing on my break from binge-watching, writing about shows to binge watch. If you have watched these shows, you are my friend, and I love you. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Watch, let me know how you find it. It’s okay if you don’t like them all, after all, we are all unique little individuals.

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