5 Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Wagering is fun but comes with a house edge, and new players aren’t ready for it. However, novices and experienced alike can take advantage of online casino bonuses to bring the house edge down and make huge wins. 

If you want to unveil a quick offer, use the Golden Nugget bonus code. Here we have listed five different types of bonuses that are typically offered by online casinos and how you can take advantage of them.

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1. Deposit Bonus

Many online casinos are known for their signup incentives, and deposit bonuses are exactly that. The bonus offers a set amount of money to players for signing up at the casino. The deposit bonus amount varies from casino to casino, some of which offer huge signup incentives, up to $1,000, sometimes even more just for signing up. 

The bonus isn’t given to you right away, but after you have made a deposit for playing games and making points. There also exists a time limit up until when you can earn the bonus in most cases.

2. Reload Bonus

Online casinos offer reload bonuses as a reward to loyal players for returning and continuing to play on the site. You have to meet the recurring deposit criteria, usually once in a week, in order to get the bonus amount. The reload bonus can be reset by playing games and earning points.

3. Comp Points

As a way to reward and encourage consistent players, online casinos hand out free comp points for games played and cash wagered. Comp points reward players in all sorts of ways ranging from free spin to be able to cash the points in for money. 

The comp points are given based on the amount of money bet by the player, and the amount per point may vary across online casinos.

4. Happy Hours

Happy hour bonuses promise players rewards for making deposits and playing games at a certain time of the day. These deposit bonuses are a lot similar to Reload Bonuses, but the deposits don’t have to be done every day or every week. 

The amount of additional bonus you will get when making a deposit in happy hours will be proportional to the amount you have deposited. If you consistently play certain hours a week for a happy hour bonus, you’ll also make extra comp points for your plays.

5. Jackpots

Jackpots are money pools worth thousands of dollars that can be won in a game. Players need to convene its requirements for winning the jackpot. Many games ranging from roulette to blackjack are known for and offer jackpots for gamers to take advantage of these prizes.

Final Thoughts

There are many other types of bonuses available. These are just the most common ones you need to know and will come across. Learn to make the most of all the bonuses available to get more than you bargained for. After all, we all like winning, don’t we?

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