5 Fun Facts About Slot Machines


Slot machines are among the most popular games ever invented. With a history of over a century, the slots have grown from novel vending machines to the most played game in Las Vegas and beyond. And that “beyond” we’re talking about means all corners of the globe, including the virtual world – the internet. Especially the internet.

#1: Slot machines are completely fair

All slot machines, including those in Vegas and the ones you’ll find at https://www.vegaspalmscasino.com/casino-games/slots/, are completely fair. In their case, though, “fairness” is equal to “randomness” – in short, being unpredictable. And this fairness is not just for the profit of casinos: slot machines are required by law to be random (meaning fair).

The Vegas Palms casino has a collection of over 600 slot machines. Behind them, you’ll find an elaborate random number generator (RNG), running on the Vegas Palms servers. These complex pieces of technology make sure that the result of all spins on all Vegas Palms slots are completely random (= fair). Their randomness is reviewed periodically by third parties – observe the eCogra logo on the Vegas Palms website.

#2: Slot machines are quite profitable – sometimes

Slot machines are known to make quite some generous payouts from time to time, known as “jackpots”. The biggest jackpot ever won in Vegas exceeds $100 million, while online, the total is over $21. Million that is. The Guinness world record breaking win was made by a British vet last October.

#3: Slots players are often distracted by winning

According to a psychologist doing in-depth research of the gambling industry, slot machine players are not into the game because of the win. Instead, they like how the game takes them into the Zone, a state of mind similar to meditation. Many of them are known to play through all their wins, and several of them have declared having been distracted by winning.

#4: Density

Las Vegas is the world’s most densely populated areas – with slot machines, that is. According to a 2013 survey, the Sin City has a one-armed bandit for every eight of its inhabitants. The stats say nothing about the visitors, though.

#5: One-armed bandit

Last, but not least, let’s take a look at one of the popular names used for slot machines around the world. This name was not always used for the games themselves, but the shady people who have learned to manipulate the game to wrongfully win, thus filling their pockets at the expense of the casino. Later the name became associated with the game itself, becoming synonymous with the one-armed machine itself. And it’s a perfect match, too: most slot machines do nothing but swallow your coins while you pull its single lever. Which doesn’t make them any less fun to play, though.

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