5 Tips for Crafty Copywriting

Copywriting has been in existence for ages. In the good old days, copywriters used to get paid handsomely on an hourly basis. Copywriters sell with words, differentiating from other writers. Copywriters need to take innovations to a new pinnacle. It is a very lucrative skill and every organization needs a good entourage of copywriters for the mass emails, direct emails, online marketing, advertising, crafting tag lines for products and building an image for the customer which they would love to buy.

If you possess the kind of personality where you treat travelling as a leisure activity and would want to earn off a portable profession, then copywriting must be your forte. Copywriters work with the creative team in the agency and they are often teamed with art directors to deliver advertisements, both on visual and textual contents. Copywriting is persuading your clients to buy your product, services or even an idea for that matter. Writing is hard and one simply does not have good day at work every single day. Your work can sometimes be rejected 50 times and still you’d think the first idea you had was a genius. But, if the client is not happy with the idea or the pitch you are back to the drawing board.

Here are some tips you could use as a copywriter to enhance your skills and create a successful copy.

  1. Consumer Focused

Make your content very clear. Your content should be understandable to the client and should be aimed at specific audience. Make your client feel important. Try it to keep it simple and not go overboard with your idea. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t try to confuse the client; be direct in your words. If you can make the client understand what you are going to say the audience in just 200 words, don’t go overboard. Strive for clarity within you and your client.

  1. Market Aware

Do your research before writing your copy. Research well done is job half done. Study your market and try to understand your customer’s demographics. Put keywords to the best use and make your clients aware of your products through these keywords. These keywords will help your product differentiate from your competitor and will have good impact on your work. Use powerful words for your copy and make them relevant for your work. Words such as “Free”, “Instantly” or “Money” can draw customers faster. Persuade customers with your writing and sway them towards you.

  1. Try to think out the box

No one these days really sees a simple copy and turns his head around and tries to have a second look at it. You need to be innovative with your content and have ideas flowing through your head at the rate of Niagara Falls. Try to be a little controversial with your idea and bring out the little devil in you. A controversial post could give you publicity like no other. Don’t make your work look the same all the time. Try different things and be headstrong about your work. Try to be objective about something and argue about what you feel is right. Arguing and objecting are big persuasion points and will lead you through your customers and what they think.

  1. Read well-written books

Try to read goods not for their content but for their style and craft of writing. Don’t try and imitate everything but absorb what you feel will help you and make you a better writer. Try different kinds of books and different styles of books. Variety in your writing will take you places. Reading books will also allow you to free your mind and persuade ideas you never had thought could occur to you.

  1. Bullet points encourage people to read more

Large paragraphs, even when informative, can be dull to read. Bullet points are easily read and don’t bore your audience. Bullet points are easy to scan and allow your audience to have a glance at them and be hungry for more. Small bullet points keeps the audience captivated not for your writing but for the information that you are providing.

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