5 Tips to Help Your Partner Appreciate Sports

There’s nothing worse than placing a five-leg sports betting multi and not being able to sweat the last leg because your girlfriend or wife wants to watch a rom-com together rather than let you watch the football! Arghhhhh!

Well for the men out there with some free sports picks and in need of some help in this situation, here’s five ways to help you to “educate” you partner on the great joys that can be shared watching and betting on sports.


1. Offer to go to the pub instead

If your missus doesn’t like you watching sports, she’s going to hate you watching sports with your mates while drinking copious amounts of alcohol at the pub. She’ll soon realise that watching the game at home is actually a compromise on your behalf and that you are sacrificing to be there with her!

2. Pretend to be inspired to start exercise

If you are sick of your wife nagging you to get off the couch and start exercising, then this will help you kill two birds with one stone. Explain to your wife that watching sport inspires you to reach towards your fitness objectives and that you will be looking to join your local sports league on Monday morning.

3. There’s hot guys

Sports are full of great athletes who are in great shape. Why not point out to her that it’s a chance for her to appreciate the male specimen in its most athletic form? She might not get the rules or care what happens but she’ll soon be searching for the Instagram pages of the players to get to know them a little better!

4. Golf and Darts are sports too

Some women wrongly think that a sport where you can drink beer while you play can’t really be considered a sport. This is incorrect. Darts players are athletes and drinking beer can sharpen your focus. Playing Golf is also an athletic activity, even when you hire a golf cart, and especially during the week when you’re supposed to be at work. If you can help to educate your partner with these things, she’ll learn to appreciate your subtle athleticism and want to share more in your sporting passions.

5. Buy her a present

Bribes are a perfect way to get what you want. It’s simple and effective. Let her have a piece of your sports betting action with a bribe of a new dress or bag or fancy dinner date if your sports betting multi gets up. She won’t have a clue what’s happening in the match, but she’ll be loving every minute of it and will soon be ferociously cheering for her new favourite team to win her some brand new shoes!

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