Big Successes in Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is filled with successes of all different sizes, from the small wins to the life-changing payouts. These are some of the successes that these lucky punters have enjoyed recently from their bets on the races with the winners encloure, from accumulator bets to lucky wins that have made the record books. 


£650,000 Win from £5

This bet proves you don’t have to bet loads in order to get lucky at the races. A fortunate punter made a £5 bet and wound up not only winning thousands but also making history as the biggest horse racing win in Scottish betting history. The bettor scooped an astonishing £650,000 from their fiver bet, with Havana Grey serving as one of the winners for the anonymous bettor. It’s the biggest winner that has ever been seen on the horses in Scotland and the £0.05 eightfold, which won £203,969.39, was also the highest return for that stake that’s been seen in more than 80 years. 

Treble Bets

An anonymous punter placed a £10 treble bet on Goshen, Battleoverdoyen and Front View on 17th November and got a return of £65. The odds were 5.39/1 overall and all three of their picks won at Fontwell, Punchestown and Cork respectively. Another punter bet on the same three picks with a £20 stake and transformed it into an impressive £129 win, and a further lucky bettor won £146 from their £25 stake!

La Cavsa Nostra, Shattered Love and Brewin’upastorm

Several punters had luck betting trebles on La Cavsa Nostra, Shattered Love and Brewin’upastorm. One bettor placed a £10 bet on these three horses, with overall odds of 4.04/1 and saw a return of £57.96, while another won a great £155.77 when they placed a £25 bet on these three picks. Shattered Love gave a great performance in their race and made a number of punters very happy when they won earlier this month.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets can be a great way of seeing a bigger return and while they’re trickier to land, when they do come in, they’re all the more satisfying, as this punter discovered when they bet a fivefold accumulator at 7.3/1. Their stake of £10 gave them a return of £83.03 when they bet on De Name Evades Me, Esprit Du Large, Nordic Combined, Polydora and Timetoroe, all of which came in. 

This bet proved to be a lucky pick for several other bettors too, with a range of punters happy with their returns. One bettor enjoyed a return of £46.40 for their accumulator bet on these five picks from their £5 stake, and another bettor placed a £9 stake and won a return of £84.81. A further anonymous bettor won £81.67 from their £10 stake on these five picks, while another won £149, showing that these five choices were the ones to pick this month and could well be ones to watch in future races if these successful bets are anything to go by.

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