7 Cocktails to Mix up with Gin and Tonic


Well, gin and tonic are not usually seen in cocktails, right? Well, here is a list of hardcore, but deceptively innocent gin and toniccocktails with a uniqueness to them which will bedazzle and befuddle your taste buds as well as numb your brain.

  1. Pink Lady

The demure pink surface of this drink hides a lot beneath its sultry depths. It has character and attitude, and seduces the drunkenness out of you with its sweet taste. The frothy egg white and grenadine gives you an initial sweet burst, before you delve in deeper and find the potent and harsh base of gin and applejack waiting for you. With this heady combination, the Pink lady will attack your senses, and wrench your mind away from all sensibility.

  1. French 75

If looks can be deceptive, this cocktail would look like a harmless mocktail. On the first go, it fills your mouth and tingles your taste buds with a sparkling, citrusy flavour. But don’t be bewitched by its unassuming façade, this fizzy flute has two whole ounces of gin and tonic, and will knock you over if you are too fast to slurp it down. The flute has a heady mix of gin, lemon juice, and of course, champagne to delight your taste buds and muddle your senses.

  1. Long Island Iced Tea

The combination of five different types of booze in a single glass give birth to a wondrous harmony, where they, restrain each other, as well, propel each other. This super-spiked masterpiece has a distinctly boozy flavour and is a bane for all cocktail lovers, especially those who love gin and tonic. Initially, you might feel that it is light on liquor and it has absolutely has no effect on you, but then, bam, suddenly your head starts spinning, and you are drunk, with no prior warnings. This famous cocktail a must try for all the aspiring cocktail lovers out there.

  1. Pearl Driver

One thing you should never do is to take a tropical cocktail lightly. Even if it is garnished extravagantly and flourished by a bartender wearing a lei. A heady mixture of Don’s Gardenia Mix, which is a sweet and buttery mixture of spices and nuts, masks the potent and lethal combination of gin and tonic. The fruity punch offered by the orange juice, along with the spice mixture lets the drink glide down your throat in a delicious ecstasy.

  1. Jam gin and tonic

This insanely creative cocktail will surely blow your mind away! This tiny cocktail has lethal powers that can bowl you over in a matter of seconds. This cocktail is appropriate for a lazy evening drink. The jam stirred in the gin and tonic takes the edge off, and makes the drink sweet. A distinctly tropical feeling will descend on you as you sip this gorgeous drink.

  1. Raspberry rose gin and tonic

One sip of this extravagant cocktail and you will instantly want to go have fun and let yourself loose. With the taste of rosewater that compliments raspberries so well, it is only a given that this cocktail is going to be an instant hit. What with the summers approaching, this refreshing cocktail is going to loosen you up, and you will want to go clubbing instantly!

  1. Chilli gin and tonic

Would you want to have a really spicy cocktail? Are you an adventurous drinker? Well, chilli gin and tonic cocktail is going to make steam come out of your ears! The cocktail uses gin and tonic as base spirit, with lime juice and crushed chillies are flavouring agents. This smoking hot cocktail will be great for those who love spices!

Since now you are armed with these power-packed cocktails, I hope you will enjoy cocktails with relish! Be careful though, some of these drinks might look seemingly innocent, but will bowl you over soon enough.

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