9 Best Hennessy Mixers: What to Mix With Hennessy?


Cocktails are a perfect addition for people from varying walks of life. Not only is it versatile, but the drink is also easy to mix and takes on the flavor of what you are mixing it with. It pairs well with fresh juices and works equally well with a blend of other liquors.

However, if you are new to the whole scene of Hennessy mixers, you’d have to start with some of the basic options. Juices, especially fresh fruit juices, work amazingly. They leave a fresh, fruity aftertaste and don’t make the cocktail too overwhelming to gulp down.

This article will explore some of the top liquids to mix with Hennessy for that perfect evening cocktail of your choice.

What Juice Goes Good with Hennessy?

Drinking Hennessy right out of the bottle can be a little overwhelming. So, it isn’t surprising that Hennessy cocktails are best paired with fresh juices or mocktail syrups and flavors that elevate the overall taste.

But the question is, what juices work best with Hennessy? We will explore more on that in this section:

1. Club Soda

If all you want to do is dilute the taste of Hennessey without making it too overpowering, Club Soda is undoubtedly your best pick. All you add are two ingredients to this cocktail mix – Hennessy cognac and club soda.

Also, this type of cocktail is known as a highball, meaning that the final drink is served in a tall glass with some ice. The combination of the two is quite popular in high-class settings and parties and is one of the most accessible drinks.

Most people who like this combination say that the final cocktail tastes like grape soda but like liquor. To make the best-tasting Hennessey and club soda mix, combine 29 ml of Hennessey with 88 ml of club soda.

2. Lemon-Lime Soda

Just the mention of this Hennessey mixer sounds refreshing, and that’s precisely how the cocktail is. There are a variety of lime sodas available in the market. You can use the more commonly found options like Sprite or 7-Up.

But, if you want a more refined taste to the drink, we’d recommend using something unique like Green River. The subtle yet tangy flavor profile is fun in a drink and allows you to enjoy an alcoholic drink without feeling overwhelmed.

The best proportion for Hennessey and Lemon-Lime soda is the 1:3 ratio of Hennessy and Soda. This balances out the rich alcohol flavor of Hennessey and balances it out with the citrusy flavor of the soda.

3. Pineapple Juice

Moving to the fresh juice category, let us start with one of the most common ones, Pineapple juice. The sour edge of the pineapple juice essentially cuts through the richness of the cognac you get in Hennessey.

Also, the blend is exceptionally fruity and refreshing, which is why it is such a popular drink among most first-time Hennessey drinkers.

It is best mixed in a shaker instead of adding it directly to the glass. We’d recommend adding 1.5 oz of Hennessy, pineapple juice, and some sour cocktail mix into the shaker with some ice. This creates a stunning balance of flavors, which you would appreciate.

4. Ginger Ale

Adding ginger ale to your Hennessey cocktail might not be your first choice, but trust us, it works wonderfully. Not even for the health benefits of ginger ale, it works immaculately, thanks to the spicy undertone and aftertaste.

When mixing ginger ale with Hennessy cognac, be careful not to add anything in excess. You want a balance of the two in a way that allows you to have a large drink without toppling over.

The ideal blend would be mixing 1.5 ounces of Hennessey with 3.5 ounces of ginger ale. So, technically, like the club soda or lime soda mix, you have to focus on keeping around a 1:3 ratio to draw out the best taste of the drink.

5. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a versatile drink. Not just for your at-morning breakfast, orange juice also makes an excellent addition to your cocktails. It blends with Hennessy quite well, and the best part is the color it imparts. The bright orange color of the drink is pleasing to the eyes.

However, when mixing it with Hennessy cognac, we’d recommend opting for any freshly squeezed orange juice over the pre-packaged ones. The latter is loaded with sugar and completely ruins the actual taste of Hennessy.

Unlike most of the others, this cocktail isn’t a tall drink. So, the ratio or portion of orange juice to Hennessey is relatively low. Add around 1 ounce of freshly squeezed orange juice with 1.5 ounces of Hennessy cognac, and then strain it out of the shaker. The drink is typically known as Jack O’ Lantern.

6. Cranberry Juice

When it comes to cocktails, nothing beats Cranberry juice. It is a versatile fruit juice that more or less goes with most alcoholics like vodka, cognac, etc.

The sweet taste of the cranberries pairs well with the sharp flavor profile of Hennessy cognac. Unlike orange juice, which is preferred freshly squeezed, you can’t expect the same for cranberry juice.

What you can do instead is rely on canned or packaged juice. It works equally well and adds a mix of sweet and citrusy flavor to the final cocktail. Commonly known as the CranHenny cocktail, it includes a 1:3 ratio of Hennessy to cranberry juice.

7. Apple Juice

This particular combination isn’t everyone’s first pick. However, it has a unique flavor profile that’s hard to find anywhere else. The warmth and richness of the cognac pair perfectly well with the fresh and sweet after-taste of the apple juice. However, remember that we are talking about freshly squeezed apple juice in this scenario.

However, since apple juice doesn’t have a diverse taste and flavor profile, mixing it with just Hennessey will taste dull. Hence, most bartenders blend Hennessy, apple juice, Angostura, lemon juice, and cinnamon to enhance the overall flavor of the drink.

8. Margarita Mix

Hennessey margarita is divine, although if you go up to your bartender and order it, they won’t be very pleased. The drink is quite tricky to make but if you are making it at home, grab some premade margarita mix available in the market.

The drink is not that complicated, provided you have a list of ingredients. Besides the store-bought Margarita mix, you’ll need a few other items.

For the Hennessy margarita mix, you need 29 ml of tequila, 59 ml of Hennessy, 29 ml of triple sec, some margarita mixes, and two cups of ice. Blend it all in the shaker and strain the drink into a tall cocktail glass.

9. Guava Juice

Like the apple juice scenario, even Guava juice mixed with your Hennessey might have a different and acquired taste that isn’t favorable to every drinker.

However, guava has a subtle sweetness and fresh flavor note that cuts through the richness of the Hennessy cognac. Since guava juice doesn’t have a very potent taste or flavor, mixing a few additional ingredients into the mix can elevate the quality and taste of this particular Hennessy mix.

All you need is to add 1.5 ounces of Hennessy cognac into a shaker. Add 3.5 ounces of guava juice, strawberry, and lemon slices, and shake it well. Strain the drink and serve it with a few garnishes.

Can You Mix Hennessy with Orange Juice?

Hennessey goes very well with freshly squeezed orange juice. Not just the vibrant orange color, the drink has a very refreshing taste to it as well.

Ensure to avoid pre-packaged orange juices that are artificially sweetened. Instead, freshly squeezed orange juice makes all the difference.

Can You Mix Hennessy with Sprite?

Hennessey goes very well with lemon-lime soda like Sprite. However, ensure that you don’t mix a lot of the soda because it will dilute the drink and make it unpalatable.

Is Hennessy and Lemonade Good?

Lemonade goes well with Hennessy cognac and blends well with the flavor profile. It isn’t overpowering and doesn’t ruin the taste of the cognac, which is often what most people are worried about.

Just make a blend of 1:3 with Hennessy and lemonade to ensure that you can taste the zing of the lemons but also the warmth of the cognac coming through.

What To Mix with Hennessy Black?

Compared to the standard Hennessy cognac, Hennessy Black has a richer and more depth of flavor to it.

If you are confused about what to mix with Hennessy Black, the options are pretty stark and versatile. You can start with Black Espresso, which is a coffee mix. Besides that, apple juice with cinnamon pairs well with this cognac.

For the drinkers looking for something unique, the Black Maple cocktail with Hennessy Black and maple syrup is one of a kind. Also, the Sangria blend with Hennessy black is quite popular.


If you are new to Hennessy cognac and don’t know much about the cocktail mixes, we hope this helps. Ensure you check on using high-quality and fresh ingredients for the best-tasting drink. Also, drink cautiously since Hennessey can be a little too strong for new drinkers, mainly due to its potency. 

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