What to be Aware of When You Start a Yoga Class

Congratulations on deciding to enroll in a Yoga class. Yoga can be a great way to get fit and healthy mentally, and physically, and doing it with a group will help keep you motivated. Here is a short list of things to do to ensure the classes are fun and rewarding for you and your fellow students.

Focus Only On Yourself
Every class will have all levels of students who at one point in time were beginners. But at the time you see them their skill levels may look overwhelming. Just remember Rome was not built in a day, and it will take you time to be able to do the same poses at the same skill levels as many members in your class. You’ll only get yourself into trouble through comparison, which may lead you to push too hard and injure yourself. Difficult poses like the Crow Pose are best left for advanced students. Don’t feel ashamed because you are only doing beginner poses. You will improve and with enough time, be able to master all of the poses.

Keep Your Noise to Yourself
Yoga class is a sanctuary for all of those who attend. The mood is designed to be conducive for students to get the most out of the experience and to be transported to a place of calm and peace. It is not a place where unnecessary loud noises are to be uttered. Dramatic sighs, loud exhales of breath, and breathing that can be heard across the room is out of place. So be aware that Yoga is a personal practice, and just because you’re having a bad day and feel the need to exhale loudly, does not mean you should subject your fellow students to this behavior. Respect the class and your fellow students and expect the same of them.

Mind Your Space and the Space of Others

Very often there will be a battle for space in Yoga class with mats sometimes nearly touching. This adds a complexity to your doing Yoga because of the space and movements sometimes required to do the poses. If you are too close to your neighbors, there’s a good chance you might get hit or hit them. So you really need to be aware of yourself, your space, and the space of others. To the best of your ability make yourself enough room for the poses. And if things are really tight, discuss this briefly with your neighbors, and make them aware that everyone has to be mindful of their movements.

Don’t Leave Class Early
Often people will not stay until the end of class. They may think that the end portions of the class where the final relaxation centered poses and meditation are don’t matter much. Do not follow their lead. Each Yoga class is designed to be completed from beginning to end with each part important as the other in maintaining your health. If you would like to leave early, and do not see the value in the end of the class be aware that others do and your leaving will disrupt their calm. Remember, a core teaching in Yoga is that everything is exactly as it should be, there is no rush, and you’re right where you need to be. If you must leave class early, tell the teacher at the beginning of class, set up near the door, and do your best to not disturb the class when you leave.

Finally and perhaps most important, be sure to turn off your cell phone! Enjoy your Yoga class!

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