Before Facebook, We Had a Life

Facebook and social media are fantastic ways to get people to express themselves. Whether it be a Facebook status, Instagram live, Twitter updates, sharing your photos, etc. They offer a platform which shows your interest, your views, to be yourself, to be creative, to be who you want to be, and most importantly, have an audience for all of this.

Have fun!

Social media has brought the world closer where people have freedom of expression and/or speech via the internet. It has drastically changed the way of communication, not only in the groups and society but with each other. Social media is the best place for people who find it difficult to interact with new people.

When it comes to building a personal brand or business, social media can make it a lot easier. You can use the power of social media and the internet to reach to a larger audience all over the world.

Let’s face the fact that, social media has brought the people closer, but it’s not completely true. Remember life before social media, where a group of people used to talk to each other face to face, along with snacks and a cup of tea or coffee, hang out all together. Physically went to places to visit one another. People spoke with each other, had real relationships. Remembering birthdays was fun, but Facebook does that job now.

Beginning and ending of the day didn’t begin by checking social media. Social media has made many people lazy, especially the younger ages. Before social media, kids used to go outside, climb trees, chat verbally with friends, made phone calls on the phone with cords. Children used to gather all together in the ground and used to play their favorite games, such as cricket or football, in the morning as well as in the evening. They were not shy of getting their clothes dirty in the mud. Flying kites in summer, making paper boats in monsoon, and enjoying playing outside in winters were pretty common that time.

But nowadays, kids play such outdoor games sitting at home, on their mobile phones or laptops. This eventually makes them weak, fat, and also introduces lazy habits.

Earlier, children used to spend more time with their parents, eat dinner together, have long talks with family. Before social media, people were more into doing outdoor things, such as playing, learning to ride horses, trekking, going on adventurous hunts, learning something new, etc. People spent more of their time doing other things, like reading newspapers, writing and mailing letters, listening to the radio, or watching TV.

Life was more humane before social media. Earlier, it was honest human relations and now it’s artificial relationships. Before social media, we were really more social without any media.

Social media is simply a tool which can be very useful if used wisely. However, if it becomes an addiction, then it can lead to a problem. It can also be a vehicle for bullying which can be troublesome for anyone on the receiving end. Many people share far too much personal information on social media, which can easily fall into anyone’s hands and can be used to harass them. So it all comes down to how it is being used and who is in control. Used sensibly, social media is a good thing. People need to realize that they are in control. They are free to use social media and not to use social media. Either way, the world won’t end. We’ll have to learn to live with both the advantages and disadvantages of social media in the long run.

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