Beginner Lock Picking Items

One day, you think you have it all. You met all your deadlines, had a good call with your long-time client – everything seems to be going smoothly. You go home with a smile on your face, thinking of what you want to cook for dinner… and then, you found out you left your house keys back in the office. So, there you go, debating whether you go back or not. Would you spend another hour or half going back and forth? If only you have beginner lock pick set with you, it would be easier

Lock Picking with Everyday Items [Infographic]

Lock Pick World put together an entertaining and informative infographic about creatively picking locks if you ever find yourself in a very tricky situation. There is no need to demolish your house or dismantle your bike just because you lost your keys. Just get the materials shown here and you’ll be free from your worries!

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