5 things you didn’t know About the Rosary

The Rosary is an important part of worship for many Christians all over the world.The beads mean the owner to keep track of the number of prayers that have been said while allowing them to focus on the deeper meaning of the words in the prayer.


While you are most likely aware of how to pray using a blessed Rosary, there may still be a few things that could surprise you. Read on to find out five things you didn’t know about them.

1. They have been part of prayer for centuries

They have been an important part of worship for centuries, the Desert Fathers -Christian monks living in Egypt in the third-century – used stones and later knotted ropes in their prayers. There are a number of different legends regarding the origins of the Rosary. The most popular belief is that the first one was gifted by Mary to St Dominic in 1214 AD, although the word “Rosary”wasn’t recorded until 1597.

2. The beads represent five mysteries

These mysteries remind people of some important events in Catholicism. These are sorted into five groups: glorious mysteries, luminous mysteries, sorrowful mysteries, and joyful mysteries. By keeping these mysteries in mind using rosary beads the person is free to focus on the most meaningful aspects in the lives of Mary and Jesus.

The mysteries are to be recited on different days. Monday and Saturday are for the joyful mysteries, sorrowful mysteries are said on Tuesdays and Fridays, luminous mysteries are said on Thursdays, and glorious mysteries are said on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3. The blessed Rosary for protection

For many people, the Rosary is believed to protect them from evil and also keep danger away. It’s not uncommon to see rosary beads hanging from a car’s rear-view mirror, this is believed to protect the driver. In fact, most people who own a rosary feel safer knowing it is close to them.

4. The prayers are based on scripture

The Hail Mary, a prayer recited using the beads, is based on Luke’s Gospel. The first two lines are how the Angel Gabriel greets Mary when he announces she is to be the mother of the son of God. The second part of the prayer is asking Mary to pray for us as the saints can pray for believers just as we can pray for each other.

5. How rosary beads can help you

A lot of Catholics believe that reciting the Rosary faithfully they will be blessed by Mary herself. Devotion to the rosary will mean Mary will fulfil the15 promises she made to St. Dominic. These include gaining Mary’s “greatest graces” and her “special protection.” Reciting the Rosary means you will remain in the grace of God.

The prayers of the rosary take only fifteen minutes to complete properly, so even though there are a lot of beads the complete prayer doesn’t take too long. A lot of people believe if you fall asleep during your Rosary prayers Angels will finish them for you. It should be seen as a chance to meditate on your beliefs and appreciate your faith.

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