Could Money Actually Affect Your Love Life?

Whether you are married or single, let’s face it, money is important.  Those that say money means nothing either have plenty of it or they are lying.  If you are out in the dating scene and once you are ready for a meaningful relationship it is important to be open and honest about everything, especially money.  The talk of finances can be embarrassing and an awkward conversation depending on your past, but an important one nonetheless.

Credit Card Debt Could Limit Your Prospects

Maybe credit score should start to be a requirement to move on to the next date, because much like lenders deciding if you are worthy for approval based on your credit report, your next night out could be decided for you.  If you have been responsible in your financial past, you sure do not want to get involved with someone who has, especially for the potential to share finances and higher interest rates on shared mortgages or loans. Before you find love you might need to find a credit repair company! Check out a Sky Blue Credit review for more information, they might be just what you need.

Be Careful When Picking Up the Tab

Sure everyone like to be pampered every now and then so you might be thinking you are being nice when picking up the tab but did you ever think it may actually hurting you.  You may be making yourself feel better being able to cover the check, but for the other person that could easily afford as well might want to feel good about covering as well, so do not get offended by splitting.

Talk About Money Early On and Avoid Surprises Later

One day when you split finances, co-apply for a mortgage or loan, it will come up when the lender comes back saying there is an issue with one of the credit reports and the dirty secret presents itself.  When the relationship gets more serious there is nothing wrong in talking about finances, wages, debt, even credit score.  The more you know upfront will help in the long run. Make an effort to understand how you are spending your money as well. It’s not always about how much you spend, but sometimes how you are doing it.

Traveling Makes Everyone Happy

Being single or married it is always fun to travel with your significant other, so if you can set aside the funds, it is important to travel each year, as long as you are not going into debt.  I personally think that traveling is a key to a successful relationship instead of being stuck in the house all the time.  Go out and experience life, just be financially smart about spending.

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